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SRG America - Ragu Daripalli used bad words at a lady consultant

Company SRG America
Product / Service Free Training
Location Pleasanton, California
Category Software
Views 579
Monetary Loss

Please be aware that there are too many companies run by a group of people who are trying to abuse Indian Women and make tons of money from Indian Engineers.
These engineers are graduated from reputed insitutions from India and abroad but these folks are made to sign severe contractual agreements and made to work under the company as if it is a jail.

Please be aware of these companies
Software Research Group
SRG America
Bartronis America

Beware of these names

Krishna Vemuri CEO at Rapidweb Global, Inc.
Ragu Daripalli President at Baanyan Software Services, Inc.
Pundarika Bibireddy COO & EVP Global Sales Bartronics America Inc
Narayan Ravisetti CEO at Bartronics America Inc.
Ripan Bhattacharyaa Sr Channel Sales Manager at Bartronics America Inc
Amit Mehere Business Development Manager at Diaspark
Simran Grewal Assistant Vice President-Recruiting / ***
Hema Kistangari Bartronics America/ SRG America/ Infokall
Chetan Kunchala Manger Finance at Bartronics America Inc/ Infokall/Illegal Exports/ Male ***
Bini Philip Recruitment Manager at Bartronics America ***
Sirisha Purvam Manager-Training and Recruitment at SRG America ***
Jyoti Vazirani Sales Head
Shardul Desai Business Intelligence Consultant/Analyst at SRG America
Kiran.Veera kveera@bartronicsamerica.com Senior Resource Manager at Infokall
Main *** Leader - Santoshi Kaveti Asst. Vice President at SRG
Nanda Kishore IT Recruiter at Bartronics America
Chandan Kumar Asst. Vice President (Sales) at Bartronics America Inc. ckumar@BartronicsAmerica.com
Abhishek Roy Sr. Resource Manager at Bartronics America
Raja Singha Mahapatra Sr. BDE(Sales) at Bartronics America Inc.
Swathi N Sr Technical Recruiter at Bartronics America (Formerly SRG America/Infokall)
Anu Jupudi bussiness development executive at Bartronics America Inc. (formely srg america)
Padmabha Basak System Admin at Bartronics America Inc.
Anup Mehra Ast Sales Manager at Bartronics America
Sai Sudani BDM at Bartronics America Inc.
Ramakrishna Yarlagadda Lead IT Recruiter at Bartronics America
arthi reddy BDA at Bartronics America Inc.
Gopi Krishna BDE at Bartronics America Inc.
Prathima Srigiriraju at Baanyan Software Services, Inc.
Sandip Gupta(sgupta@baanyan.com)Sr. Technical Recruiter at Baanyan Software Services, Inc.
Mahesh Makshmanan Operations Manager at Baanyan software Services, Inc
Raj Mahida Baanyan Software Services, Inc
Vishal Chowdhary Technical Sales

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Oct 16, 2013  from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Add Vinai Kolli of TeamF1 Networks to that list
Reply to Vinai

Feb 08, 2013 
Be very careful of these people like Raghu and companies like SRG. They are the *** of the Earth, they exploit their own kind and destroy lives in order to enrich themselves.

They will ask you to do illegal activities. I was working for them for free for the promise of an H1 Visa, they would not pay me.
They said they had applied, but they never did. When my visa was about to expire, they told me to continue to stay in the U.S. and work for them.
They said it's the normal to overstay and work without a permit and that my H1 will be obtained shortly. This was another lie.

They wanted me to do something illegal because when you are involved in their illegal activities, WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING ILLEGAL, you are much less likely to complain about them.
Because you are also involved in their illegal activities, they can control and exploit you.



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Feb 07, 2013 
Please name of the the lawyers that Raghu Daripalli is using to cheat the U.S. government and gullible people.
Reply to Anonymous

Feb 06, 2013 
RAGHU DARIPALLI and his scam companies BAANYAN SOFTWARE SERVICES and SOFTWARE RESEARCH GROUP has been debarred by the U.S. government: Google search: software research group debarred

Reply to Anonymous

Aug 07, 2012 
Hi ,
I am a victim of bartronics america fraud.I saighned an employment agreement with them and i breach the contract.Thay filed a law suit against me.I Don't have a job for almost a year and i can't pay....i just feel like killing myself for their *** actions....Please don't go with them. :cry
Reply to Victim

Jul 13, 2012 
I agree with the complainant here. This group of bastards Krishna Vemuri - CEO, Jyoti Vazirani - President, Pallavi Dutta- Vice Prseident operate a group of Fraud companies and suck in even the last drop of Blood.. please beware. dont know join any of the companies mentioned below - VSquare Infotech, VForce Infotech, RWG America(Aka Rapid Web Global).
Reply to Pissed Consultant

Jan 30, 2013  from Scarsdale, New York
If You don't mind, Can i contact you ? or you can call me at 732-688-1315.
Reply to Sober

Apr 25, 2012 
Hi Everyone,
A Similar Encounter but in a different Branch of SRG aka Bartronics America in Santa Clara.
The people there are very Unprofessional, especially there is one female "Sirisha Purvam"
She calls herself HR or what every *** she wants to call herself.Her job is to just get Candidates for training. But feels like one of the Director there.She is such a Fu*kn Bi*ch, She has some weird attitude, She "annoys","irritates","offends" people.She really got some problems, She needs HELP!! I some how feel its just because of her Bartronics America Santa clara is like that. She most of the time Barks like a Dog. She shouts at everyone, especially students who live in their accomodations. She talks to them as if they are living at her mercy. She treats people who are working ther like Grocery Attendants, to bring Toilet papers and some *** Apples which they put on every alternate Friday.Advice for Bartronics America Plz do consider Firing her, She should not go around in the public, may be take some Anger Management Rehabilitation!!
Reply to anonymous

Mar 05, 2012  from Montverde, Florida
I agree with all the comments against there folks. Ragu is the biggest fraud of all. I had personally seen Ragu abusing and humiliating an lady consultant. he brought her to tears and threatened to finish her career if she doesnt pay him $5000. Narayan Ravisetti and Pundarika supported him in this whole incident. They are a bunch of frauds who needs to be in Jail
Reply to KKR

Feb 21, 2012 
you should be careful what you post on here because he and his family read this you heartless fools.

He does have an IT degree, and he has worked harder in his life than any of you ever will. His mother passed away a couple of years ago. I hope you are proud of yourselves.
Reply to anonymous

Dec 31, 2011 
i am called by bartronics many times. is it the right place to go?? or anybody have any idea about good consultancy?
Reply to prks

Nov 02, 2011 
Raghu, is an A***h*le. He will sell his mom& wife for the sake of money.
Reply to Victim

Jul 11, 2011 
Chinese..mexicans..lolz. Good, these bastards Raghu, pundarika and krishna are licking their *** now after destroying the career of fellow indians.. These guys have no heart and they do everything for money..Lies and lies..they just know how to lie and cheat.
Reply to indy

Jun 21, 2011 
All I know is most of these companies are nice companies but Nirmala is innocent.
Reply to Nirmala Ka Thoko

Jun 08, 2011 
I take my word back as I have just realized that SRG Never Changed their name to Bartronics, they were actually bought over by them in 2008.
Reply to Anonymous

Jun 07, 2011 
The biggest question is, Do they (Owners) really have IIT Degrees????? I'm assuming they are FAKING as they are teaching to their consultants. Last days on earth will help them realize the mistakes they are doing now.
Reply to Anonymous

May 13, 2011 
This company counterfeit documents to cheat their clients to get projects signed by the clients. They even use forged and fraud documents to cheat USCIS, which is part of US government, when applying for H1B. The evidence is obvious and easy to collect, why no agency investigate this company??? Whether they change their name to SRG America or Bartronics America or sth else, this company is doing the same illegal business.
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Apr 24, 2011 
Please never believe SRG (they changed their name to Bartronics America in 2010). Their consultants are just fresh graduate students, totally no experience. SRG just gave them a quick training in 2~4 weeks and then send them to market. However, SRG fake their consultants ' resume to have 7-year experience from top companies. These fresh graduate can do nothing even they barely passed the phone interview. My clients have to dismiss these consultants from SRG after two weeks because they make the whole project a mess. Please never never believe a resume from SRG salesperson.
Reply to vp

Mar 28, 2011 
all you fake indians are probably illegal in the US and if you do report anything, you will be deported and sent back to your slums in india.
Reply to D Daripalli

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