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Sprint - ATERSO01 Sent me a collections letter

  • by   Apr 17, 2012
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Company Sprint
Product / Service Collections Letter
Location Bossier City, Louisiana
Category Cellular Phone
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I received a collections letter stating i owe SPRINT $664.56, and they are willing to settle for 1/2 the payment of $332.28. Obviously not! I dont have an account with sprint!
I will file a complaint with the BBB, FTC, and the POST MASTER...
There are many scams out there, Always notice if there are more than one acct. number/address, more than likely is a scam.
ATERSO01, is using (Convergent/outsourcing, INC.) The addresses are,
PO Box 1022
Wixom MI 48393-1022

Convergent Outsourcing. INC.
10750 Hammerly BLVD. #200
Houston, TX 77043

Convergent Outsourcing, INC.
PO Box 9004
Renton WA 98057-9004

"Do not give your EMAIL" 306f290

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Dec 10, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
I also received a letter from Convergent Outsourcing,Inc in Renton,WA also had names ASterso01,Wixom, MI, and Convergent Outsourcing, Inc, Houston, TX. I was to respond to the Renton address, 866-291-6364 If letter was an error to call 855-728-8701 or website www.convergentusa.com. I called and was told this was a debt owed to Texaco-Chevron from 11/2006 in amt. of $1391.70. I became disabled in May 2006. I have never received a billing statement from Texaco or Chevron saying I had an outstanding balance owing. Prior to the date above, If I used a gas credit card, I always paid it in full when a statement was received. $1391.70 is a lot of gas especially for gas in 2005-2006 and my disability at that time prevented my driving. It seemed very strange that I would be receiving a collection notice 7 years after the fact when I have never received any billing statements or been contacted by the gas companies for delinquent payments 0f any balances owing. WHAT IS THE STATUE OF LIMITATIONS ON COLLECTIONS OF A DEBT (SECURED/UNSECURED)? The creditor is noted as GE Capital retail Bank. Can The fraudulent attempt to collect a non-existing debt be reported to the credit bureau as an existing debt? Do credit companies purposefully withhold sending statements (which may have a minimal amt owing)and then start adding late fees and interest until a huge amount is now owing on the account and then submit for collection and write off the greater amount as a loss once it is sent to... Show more
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Aug 21, 2012 
I received a collections letter from this agency as well. I had already made an arrangement with my carrier on payment and they assured me that it will not go into collections. Now I get a letter! Wtf? Why do businesses. Have to lie to clients? I have also written a letter to the postmaster general and the BBB for harassment.
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