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  • 380 complaints
  • $123,218 claimed losses
  • $324 average
  • 14268 since Jul 30, 2007

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Sprint reviews, Sprint complaints, read Sprint reviews, find Sprint reviews, Sprint scam reports
  • 380 complaints
  • $123,218 claimed losses
  • $324 average
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  • Apr 15
  • Phone Insurance
  • 1
  • 2

I have been with Sprint 20 years, paying over $200 a month for service. We carry "insurance" on the phones. I use my phones until they make me upgrade, as they are business instruments. Twice now I have taken in my EVO, with the first time resulting in a used replacement EVO, because my first one has "moisture" (we live in humid Oklahoma). Now I have an issue and they are giving me the same... Read more

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  • Apr 14
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Contract Cancellation
  • 5

On march 5th I requested to cancel my contract on 3 phones only 9 days out of sprints 14 day cancelation period..they refused and said they will not cancel phones until March 27th.. So I figured the amount I would owe...1,300$ and paid it on the 5th anyways... Then I got to thinking 9 days out of the 14day grace period??? I called sprint to ask for a break on the fees..I got the run around!!... Read more

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  • Apr 12
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 4

I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for almost 10 years. I have recently upgraded my service with them and yet no one can help me out with my issue. I can't make or receive phone calls in my own home or anywhere in the vicinity. The problem with this is I am 38 weeks pregnant so I need to be able to get ahold of someone in case of an emergency. I don't have any bars at all in my own home. I... Read more

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  • Apr 08
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Charger Cable Replace
  • 3

I first brought the charger/sync cable made by belkin for 34.00 dollars from sprint store located at 5142 wilson mills road in richmond height ohio. They did replace the first cord with no problem ( it was less than 30 days) the cord had a short in it. Well the second cord the same problem happened again and again it was less than 30 days, the cord had a short again. I asked the sales person... Read more

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  • Apr 01
  • Itemized Bill
  • 7

I have called three times to request an itemized bill. The *** just hung up on me! I have been nice up to this point, and now I'm ready to explode! I am not paying this bill if they don't send me a copy of any and all charges. I was perfectly willing to pay on this bill, but now: my credit sucks, anyway...go ahead and send it to collections! I'm calling the FCC and any other agency I can... Read more

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  • Mar 24
  • Progress Village, Florida
  • Framily Plan
  • 9

After being a loyal Sprint customer, for over 10 years, I am very disappointed in the service that I received on March 24,2014. My experience started when I called to inquire about the new Framily Plan. I spoke with an agent to determine if the $100 switch and save would apply to the Framily Plan. My intention was to change my 7 phone lines to the Framily Plan and add one additional line. The... Read more

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  • Mar 15
  • Account Cancellation
  • 1
  • 15

I have a problem with Sprint company. 1,5 years with no service in my area, never antenna in the US travels (ILLINOIS, INDIANA, Boston, NY, MD... 20 miles from DC NO connection!!! Spent 2 weeks by notifying them about cancellation and last 7 hours on the phone... to solve the surcharges and bills and additional surcharges. 7 crazy hours! My organisation made a note to disconnect account - I'm... Read more

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  • Mar 12
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Cell Service
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  • 9

I place calls and they can't hear me or I can't hear them. I frequently have to dial out 2 or 3 times for it to ring. Their service people say it is a tower issue with no fix date. I work in emergency services and have to be reached 24-7. After several attempts to get this issue corrected and after being told a manager would call me in 10-15 minutes and after waiting hours with no call I changed... Read more

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  • Mar 11
  • Cell Phone Services
  • 1
  • 19

My friends went to the flatiron crossing mall in Broomfield, Colorado to buy cell phones. Sprint lied about the cost of the plans, and what was included in the package. "you may as well take the home phone thing. It is included". "your bill will be less than $170 per month for the services. You should have 4g services in your area". Low and behold, the home phone thing is $20 per month... Read more

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  • Mar 10
  • Credit Rating
  • 3
  • 29

I am a long time sprint customer, even though they are still bragging about 3g when 4g has been out for a long time now. Either way, I started with a 0 credit rating now I am up to a 650 (Yes I know this isn't great, but that is not the point), and was approved right away for 2 lines. I got custody of my daughter finally and due to how much it costs I have allowed my account to get suspended,... Read more

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