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Sport Clips - I know it'll grow back, but . . .

  • by   Dec 09, 2013
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Company Sport Clips
Product / Service Bad Customer Service
Category Beauty Centers and Spas
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I liked my sideburns.It's been years probably 20 since I've seen that part of my face and it just looks and feels weird to me.

I've been to SC several times and have noticed that there is no consistency with the cuts I receive. I was going for the convenience of not having to schedule appointments and just showing up whenever. I am a sport fan but could care less about watching them while I get groomed. If you can't go 20-30 minutes without watching sports then you probably have some issues that a haircut wont fix, just sayin.

They claim to keep notes in the computer so you can expect the same cut each time you go even if you do not have the same hair whacker. This doesn't seem to work very well. I'm pretty sure the notes didn't say "cut off sideburns without asking". It was like bzzzzz and it was too late, they're on the floor.

I wanted to stop her before she got started on the other side but thought I would look ever weirder with only one sideburn. I didn't complain in person or anything I just knew right then I would never be back.

If you value your appearance I suggest you stay away from this concept and go to a person who really knows you, values their customers and build a business relationship even if it isn't always convenient. 2ec9e51

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