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Company Solar Deal USA
Product / Service Solar
Location Goleta, California
Category Household Services
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I just want to say how pleased me and my husband have been with Mr.Akers and his company Solar Deal USA.

We have done our research on Solar Companies and this company by far has surpassed our expectations!! I cant say enough how pleased and satisfied we have been with Solar Deal USA. It was such a great experience from the beginning with Mr. Akers taking the time to answer our questions and the ease of the financing that was made available to us to the completion of installation of the products we had ordered for our home.

Mr. Akers was very knowledgeable and his staff was very professional and nice to work with.

We highly recommend this company to anyone that is interested in going Solar.Thank you Solar Deal USA!!! 2d41d09

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Dec 18, 2013  from Winder, Georgia
Willie akers is a low life scamer that will take everything from u. I know him personaly so trust me. He is just way to lazy to work and earn real money. Willie akers the true american *** up.
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Nov 02, 2012 
Solar Deal USA IS A SCAM!!! It is a FAKE company with NO business license and the THIEF who runs this scam is Willie Akers of Gainesville GA. He contracts to do work with NO contractors license, then after receiving money, tries to extort more money without doing work that he can't legally do anyway. Find out for yourself!! NO LICENSE WHATSOEVER!! He's a ***-ARTIST who stole 10,000 from the wife of a deployed soldier. Google his name...what you will find is his mugshot!! The mugshot will be update soon, trust me. Don't give this guy your money!!!! LOW LIFE *** ARTIST!!!
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Solar Deal USA is a fake company being ran by the *** ARTIST, LIAR, THIEF AND FRAUD, Willie Akers of...

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