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Social Security Administration - Telling me I owe money, and then yelled at me..

  • by   Jan 14
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Company Social Security Administration
Product / Service Rude Customer Service
Location Leesburg, Florida
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On May 15th 2013, my dear husband passed away from a long battle with cancer.If that wasn't enough to deal with, now my Social Security has been a MESS ever since.

Social Security claims that they over-paid me $6,629.50, and now I owe them that amount. THIS IS NOT CORRECT!! I DO agree that I was over-paid $2,000 and I even wrote a check, along with all of my bank statements to PROVE what was paid and took it into the office hoping to clear up this mess once and for all. Unfortunately, not only did they not accept my check, but I was further humiliated by the loud and angry man that "assisted" me.

His co-worker even told him to lower his voice. He pointed his finger in my face and told me that my bank statements "prove nothing". I have jumped through all of their hoops, filled out form after form, had meetings and lengthy interviews, in person and on the phone. All of this has gotten me nowhere.

I am still receiving letters claiming I owe them over $6,000! My voice is not strong due to problems with my vocal cords, and this is EXTREMEMLY STRESSFUL on me. I am so overwhelmed by this. I am worried that they will come after money that is NOT theirs!

I am seeking your help in this matter, as I don't know where else to turn!

I am at the end of my rope, and I desperately need your help!Thank you in advance, and I look forward to your assistance!!!! 3080366

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Jan 15  from Chantilly, Virginia
Unfortunately this isn't the place to get help. This site is here to sell ads. You really need a lawyer for this. Good luck!
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