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Snapple Beverage Company - Snapple- promotion look for the star

  • by   Jul 18, 2012
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Company Snapple Beverage Company
Product / Service Snapple
Location Reston, Virginia
Category Food Vendors
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I am so upset with Snapple promotion. On speciality mark bottles that say Find a Star, you could attend the Finale . The finale is for America's Get Talent. The bottle I purchased today had a star under the cap.

After spending my time registering and give them my information This is what I won

Congratulations! You have received 1 downloadable Snapple Screensaver or Snapple Real Facts Calendar. Your pick!
Click here to claim the Screensaver.
Click here to claim the Calendar.

Are they kidding? at least a free bottle of Snapple would have been better. TOO MUCH so wrong 306fa6f

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Apr 01, 2013  from Hartsville, South Carolina
This is tooooooooooo funny :roll I drink snapple peach tea a lot and I got the red cap star winner... they must have had abundance of caps left over but not nice to deceive the consumer like that... Huggles to all who share the red cap mystery with me... rotfl... :grin :p
Reply to msjynxzy

Nov 13, 2012 
you can have my star cap who wants to go see Americas got talent. not I, from what I have seen there is no talent. :roll
Reply to trainman

Nov 11, 2012 
It maks no sence evrything I look on says look fr a star and thare is no star :( :(
Reply to Colby

Oct 20, 2012 
I too have a star and no where to enter it; Snapple sucks
Reply to Sally

Oct 13, 2012 
Good god people, you can't find a place to enter the code because the promotion is over!! The fact that the America's Got Talent finale aired weeks ago should've been your first clue.
Reply to sessa

Oct 11, 2012 
i won a box of snapple, a calendar/screensaver, and another box of snapple. guess i had a lot of luck with this whole snapple thing :) :) :) :) :zzz :zzz 8) 8) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ... Show more
Reply to isabella

Sep 26, 2012 
:( I, too have not found anything on Snapple.com where to find the prize I have won!

I agree with all of the negative comments. The Attachment to the carton on Snapple drinks plainly says "Go to Snapple.com Just enter you code at Snapple.com to claim your prize. Its that easy - good luck! Ha, if you can find a place to enter the number.
You really are a prize piece! I hope this ruins your sales all over the world!
Reply to Kitty

Sep 19, 2012 
Way too much difficulty trying to locate the proper website related to the proper claiming of a supposedly starcap-earned prize. I am really surprised at and disappointed in Snapple, such a large and widely-known company, for allowing and perhaps even purposely creating such a problem for its customers. I sincerely hope that it can and will do better in the future.
Reply to Andy

Sep 06, 2012 
I stumbled upon this website by accident a few times now and it amazes me that everytime i read a few postings, no one on here can spell worth a ***, or halfway make any sense. Instead of telling the world how pissed you are maybe you should go back to grade school and learn how to write correctly so you're not on here again telling of how the next 5th grader that came along was smarter than you
Reply to Travis Harriman

Sep 01, 2012 
It really annoys me when you try to enter a contest and you go into all different websites that it says and still nothing. WHY POSTED THESE AD's TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK THEY WON!!!!!! :sigh
Reply to Debbie Solovey

Sep 01, 2012 
I have a star on my cap too. I've gone onto all kind of sites for snapple.com and have put my name and every and i don't get anywhere. i hate when companies do stuff like this. You think maybe you won something and then its nothing. Whats the point...
Reply to Debbie Solovey

Aug 10, 2012 
star #'s 7993F99479F9 ---------------------------------433KF9F4499-----------------------------------KF7734LLLL4K tHESE ARE MY NUNBERS WHERE DO I POST THESE
Reply to carolmagda@yahoo.com

Jul 19, 2012 
Exactly what part of "you COULD attend the finale" don't you understand? Your code didn't win the grand prize!
Reply to sessa

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