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Smile Care Dental Services - Waiting room

Company Smile Care Dental Services
Product / Service Ortho Apointements
Location San Francisco, California
Category Dental Services
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After 18 months of ortho appointments, I do not recommend Smilecare in Concord, CA .Even though I had an appointment card; E-v-e-r--y single time I went in they were running late.

They called for me 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. If you do use them, I suggest if you have a 3:00 appointment, show up at 2:15 and sign in your name, only then you M-i-g-h-t actually get your appointment on time. Even when I was waiting in the waiting room people were sitting on the (dirty) floor because there were not enough chairs, there are no magazines to read, they did have a TV blasting. All the people waiting had annoyed looks on their faces.

I have seen several people just leave.I should have been one of them.

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Apr 24, 2010 
I wouldn't recommend the bakersfield, Ming office.
Dentist seemed okay, but see below:
1.poor communication with us by staff(resulting in initial confusion for my wife and a surprise charge to boot!).
2.poor coordination among office staff.
3.mistakes due to new personnel (I hope we don't gey charged for that x-ray procedure!)
4.rudeness for an oversight on our part stemming directly from their general lack of coordination and communication at the end of the appointment.
5.crowded, over-booked waiting room (connection among all these 5?).
Sorry guys, but it's true.
Maybe that's why I couldn't find them through the BBB site
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Oct 21, 2009 
Reply to ??????????????

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