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Smartflix of Massachusetts Scammed my Order

Company SmartFlix
Product / Service Technical Video Rentals
Location Brevard, North Carolina
Category Auto Insurance
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Monetary Loss
Update added by user Feb 28, 2012
Smartflix are real A-holes. They have the system gamed in their favor. I have not done business with them again. I initially used a Paypal debit card and paypal was unable to reverse the charges. But the last time I used a BANK charge card so I could have some recourse to have the charge disputed and reversed. Bank of America offered to eat the charge themselves but could not guarantee future charges would not accrue. If you want to have a guarantee of delivery you can pay the post office an extra 70 cents to have delivery confirmation added to the return CD. That would give you proof that it indeed reached Smartflix mailbox.
Original review posted by user Mar 08, 2010

Smartflix.com AKA technical video rentals has found a way to screw customers into ordering rental CDs that they have NO intention of adding to their order.

As I logged in last night and tried to finalize my order, a screen popped up suggesting additional videos. I know I passed on the offer. After clicking submit, I got a screen that said they could NOT process my order. So I tried again and got the same screens. My card was active and in force and in there data based. After a few minutes I got the comfirmation emails that I had placed 3 orders.

Upon trying to contact them I got application error 500, SORRY we have problems and we're fixing them. It was then I realized there is NO alternative way to contact them OTHER than their message submission form, which is out of service. Further investigation into my account revealed no other 10 old charge cards linked to my account, none of which were mine, that I could not delete.

At this point, I cannot contact them and am at THEIR mercy, waiting for them to contact me. They have NO phone number available, no physical address.

I suspect they have tweeked their site to allow them to make false charges so they can use customers' money for a week or 10 days while they process a refund. 3029468

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Feb 28, 2012 
I am probably the most recent victim of smartflix. They swindled me out of a couple of hundred dollars to my cc and never sent me the dvds. nor will they return my calls or e-mails. Now, after 2 days of writing them regarding the fraudulant charges, they stated on my acct. that 4 dvds have not been returned. In addition, they have no idea when they were shipped or when they are due back. The note stated "shipped unknown and return due date unknown). The only thing I could do is cancel my CC and hope they will credit my acct. Looking into the next step.
Reply to alexis

Aug 30, 2011 
I also had the scam happen to me, only I was charged for a video that was on back order. It was on tig welding, well that was about 7,8, months ago, I would maybe buy two of the video so we don't have to wait so long. by the way I'm not holding my breath till I get my rental. Bad, very bad to run a business. Get it together boy's and ladies, and keep the darn d.v.d.
Reply to jim herdman

Apr 05, 2011 
They are a fraud. I was part of their university program and everything was great until I didn't receive the dvds in the mail. A month later when I hadn't received any discs I am assured they will be marked as lost in the mail and won't be bothered again. A year later when the university is over and I'm not paying them monthly low and behold they start charging me monthly for the discs I still supposedly have out. I asked about their lost mail policy and they told me they are a small company and can't afford the losses so they hold their customers responsible. Don't trust anything they say because their customer support (1 person) leaves once they grasp what kind of company they work for. Beware.
Reply to Jake

Mar 02, 2011 
smartflix is terrible, I have turned them over to the Attorney Generals office in my state, They are a scam, not a real business..One person works there, part time. You order from them and then the order is forwarded to amazone and then they actually send it to you, it's not a real business..
Reply to Vince

Dec 27, 2010 
You need a way to cancel orders on your account on this site. Not happy so far with the way the site works. Vidoe was supposed to be availible only after ordering to find no copies in circulation.
Reply to Robin Hall

Oct 14, 2010 
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Oct 14, 2010 
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May 24, 2010 
Travis Corcoran is a grade one scumbag and thief. charged my card, never sent dvd's then charged me late fees because i didn't send back dvd's I never got. I too could not ever gat a hold of anyone or get a straight answer. I will file police complaint with Arlingtom police dept tomorrow.
Reply to ditto here. smartflix has scam

Mar 15, 2010 
I second the call for Travis Corcoran to be throw in jail along with all the employess of Smartflix and Heavyink as they are nothing but scammers and thieves.
Reply to Steve Geppi

Mar 15, 2010 
Not only does Travis Corcoran run that scam video comapnt he also runs a scam comic book site called Hevyink.com. They stole my money and never shipped my order than made fun of me on their site forum.Travis should be arrested and thrown in jail.
Reply to Keith Anderson

Mar 12, 2010 
Smartflix has processed a timely refund of the erroneous charges on my account. I'm relieved to see they moved quickly to solve the problem. If there is one thing I can't tolerate, it's seeing lingering charges pending on my credit card accounts. I do hope this type error wil not happen in the future.
Reply to featherhead

Mar 11, 2010 
I just called the local sheriff dept. The internet fraud investigator was alerted to the IC3 complaint I filed. He has all the pertinent information. For any of you other customers I would suggest to get on the IC3 website and file a complaint. I filled him in on the remaining details and have all the emails a documents printed out ready to submit to him this afternoon. He said he will get the legal action started and put the actions in place to follow through with the Arlington police.It’s not believable to think that 4 people in a room with five dogs who just finished working around the clock to remedy a faulty billing system, who just promised to cancel orders and refund monies, would then just magically press the BILL button and charge customers’ accounts. The pathetic thing is that they have access to thousands of charge cards. It would be foolish for me to think that they only triple billed MY account.I’m not going to accept your excuses this time Travis. I want to see a refund on my credit card account by the end of the business day.
Reply to featherhead

Mar 11, 2010 
I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis Corcoran of Smartflix.com no sooner emails me and assures me that the triplcate charges to my credit card have been removed and refunds have been issued; I barely turn around and within 18 hours, my account shows that the charges have been processed.
What kind of explanation can he possibly have today? I think is just doesn't pay to be honest, because my honesty is apparently
interpreted as a sign of weakness to these internet predators. If they think they can lie and cheat me they have another thought coming. I believe I have NO choice but to file charges, because it's obvious that they have thousands of credit cards on file at their office and it would be foolish for me to believe that they only targeted my account. I am of the opinion that they have now deliberately charged all their customers' accounts and are presently sitting on thousands of dollars for fraudulent services that they had full prior knowledge were unauthorized.

If I do not see a refund on my account by noon today, I am going to the local police dept to file charges. I have been on the phone with the Arlington police dept and they have assured me that as soon as my local police contact them, they will process charges locally and pay travis a visit.
Reply to featherhead

Mar 09, 2010 
I would like to retract my statements about Smartflix and apologize to Travis Corcoran and his staff. He has responded to and resolved the problems that occurred on his site. I believe he had no ill intent and WAS working around the clock to take care of his customers. I think Smartflix is a valuable source of reference material and plan on doing business with them long into the future.
Reply to featherhead

Mar 09, 2010 
Order #661085, 661087, 661088

I tried for 1 order 085, mini mill rotary table. I want the other two charges taken off my Paypal account. I do NOT want them to go through and then have to wait for a refund.

I'd like to remain a customer Travis, But NOT when this nonsense happens. You have my CC info in your data base and my account shows about 9 accounts, only 2 of which I recognise, none of which can be deleted.

I want to be sure my CC info is deleted from your site and I'll input my info on each purchase.

I want to see a way to cancel orders through your site.

I want to see a way to contact you and get a timely response. 2 days is TOO long.

Too many thoughts of internet fraud and scamming go through my head when this stuff happens.

I'm happy to see your response, that's a good first step. But timely resolution of MY problem is what I really except.
Reply to Frank Trozzo aka featherhead

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