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Smart Circle International DirecTV Scam

Company Smart Circle International
Product / Service Directv
Location Littleton, Colorado
Category Television/ Radio
Views 1478
Monetary Loss

Buyer beware!Do not sign up for DirecTV service from Smart Circle International posing as DirecTV representatives in Sam's Club.

They will charge you upfront for items that are FREE for new customers. They are pocketing 100% pure profit. They don't even report what you have paid to DirecTV. All new customers receive new equipment and installation for FREE, if Smart Circle International wants to charge you for it they are simply pocketing your money and not reporting your payment to DirecTV.

They are slick too, because you only have 24 hours to report the fraud. They also promise you services that you are not getting, but once you have signed up for a 24 month contract you are stuck and have to pay $20 for each month you cancelled your contract early. If you want DirecTV go to them directly.

Don't let someone sign you up and make you pay upfront.Please comment if you have been dupped by them too! 2ed17eb

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Mar 16 
This is sad. This is really sad. It's brainwashing at its finest. All these people who stick up for SmartCircle and their little satellite companies have the same rebuttals: "If we're a scam, then why are we in (insert retail stores here)?" or "you couldn't make it because it's not for you". While the latter may ring true mostly, what most people don't realize is what really goes on behinds the scenes.
I worked for Core In-Store Solutions out of Charlotte, NC for a little over 2 months. I was suspicious of the company anyway, but I had recently graduated from college at the age of 25 and figured that finding a job in Charlotte would be my best chance to find a career being it's the largest city in the state and I came from a small town and smaller, more laid-back beach city in SE NC.
So after I had interviewed for another company similar to this that was a door-to-door sales job and turning that down, I interview for Core. Madison, who was the "HR" manager, invited me for an interview after "thoroughly" looking over my resume, which listed me as a recent grad and some courses I took within my major (Communication Studies) that would help with the art of selling. I drove the 3.5 hours to Charlotte, stayed overnight with my brother who also lives in the city, and I knew the whole "interview round" process, so I did the first round and second round within the same day. Obviously I was hired and had to construct a move from one side of the state to the other, and here is
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Dec 13, 2013  from Nashua, New Hampshire
I think its pathetic to see all these people who ,obviously couldn't sell,had no student mentality ,and a bad attitude complain about a company (smart circle)that actually lets you make what you deserve,so if you only made a few hundred bucks,that's all you were worth that week.I have never needed claw back but was informed by my promoting owner everything including pay structure,claw back,and the incentives.I got promoted and feel im better off now then I ever was.I get all my money that I earned and deserved for that week.Smart circle,thank you for the opportunity given to me,yes I said given cause I came in with no money and now have my own market,that I chose and am living my dream. Yall who are complaining are what we call with-drawers,you bleed a company of its hours,milk the clock and expect charity.SMART CIRCLE REPS ARE DEPOSITORS,THEY BRING MONEY INTO A COMPANY WORK HARD AND SAVE PEOPLE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.So grow a set ,clock in and be honest with yourself,most likely you are a loser,cant hold a job and you make your family struggle cause you have no drive,ambition,or goals you are able to meet!!!! JUICE BABY JUICE AND REMEMBER,YOUR GOALS IN LIFE ARE IN EQUAL PROPORTION TO YOUR EFFORTS,SO DO YOU DESERVE A RAISE FOR TODAYS EFFORTS???!!!
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Aug 10, 2013  from Kenosha, Wisconsin
I currently work for this company and feel ****** for still being here. Truth is I feel trapped, I quit my other job upon being hired by smart circle(duffus move). The pay is ***, the leadership is ***, and you will find yourself surrounded by idiots!!!! :upset
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Jul 24, 2013  from El Paso, Texas
You need to read contract it shows that you will get charge if its necesary like ,if you dont have a cable they charge tou , its not a scam, dont be *** and read before you sing anything
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Mar 14, 2013  from Traverse City, Michigan
I've heard a lot of stories about this company that were very similar to my experience. First of all smart circle is not a scam, it is simply not a very good job let alone a career. I just quit today after working there for two months because I just needed a few paychecks to get me through the rest of the winter. I will explain how this job works as simple as I can.

First of all, READ the contracts you are signing before you start working there. I did and I knew exactly what I was getting into and I definitely knew I was only planning on working there for a couple months. It is %100 commission due to the claw back policy. I'm sure they bank on young ignorant people not reading these documents because they do not explain the process to you unless you ask many many questions. I got a paycheck every week that was based on my performance in the past weeks so they are not scamming anyone.

The job I had was selling DirectTV in Menards. You walk around trying to solicit people into switching their TV service to directTV and you sound like a complete *** while you are doing this. While DirectTV is a good service and it is a good deal we were pitching, the same deal can be found online at directtv.com. We were told to use some misleading wording that didn't actually disclose the full truth about some things but I never did that. I sold plenty of packages by telling people the complete truth about how much they would save and what kind of
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Apr 14, 2013 
People that get promoted as an owner start in the same place you did, I have been with this company for 6 years and it is all opportunity. You were probably just someone that didn't understand the claw-back and was always on hourly cause you couldn't see ***! If you are a small business owner and needed to work for someone that shows how successful you are at life! For goal oriented people that can actually sell and train people to sell, the opportunity is great. DTV pays smart circle tons of money, SMART CIRCLE make up 90% of new client ACT. Call DTV and ask them yourself chump. Just because it wasn't a career for you, doesn't mean there is no opportunity for anyone that is successful in life. Hundreds of people have been fully incorporated into business owners that are successful.. SO stop crying and find something better to do with your life rather then *** about what you couldn't make work for yourself!
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Aug 19, 2013 
You have been Misleading or Ignorant my friend. This world that we live in type up every major *** retailer or even business is *** up! Everything is a scam in this world I guess right??? Dental, Hospitals, Food Market, Gas station just everything. If you are a business owner, and you say that you made 400 dollars a week and you say that is easy? No....you suck at it making 400s a week and worry about claw back. Take a stroll to a car dealer ship or frys electronics every commision job has a claw back. This was not for you so don't complain and let people who can do it do it.
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Mar 03, 2013 
DirecTV DOES in fact charge for Shipping & Handling. This is a $19.95 charge. DirecTV is great at wording things. They say FREE INSTALLATION. Which is what you get. You do, however get charged the shipping & handling fee which is added on to your first month's bill if you sign up through DirecTV Corporate. Why in the WORLD would Smart Circle need to pocket money? Obviously, DirecTV already PAYS Smart Circle for getting business for them. Even when DirecTV offers the $29.99 deal, they say you get FOUR UPGRADES FREE. This is true because an upgrade constitutes the EQUIPMENT. That DOES NOT mean you get an HD/DVR in all four rooms FREE PER MONTH and only pay $29.99 for that. There are, of course, additional fees when you want HD, DVR, or HD/DVR. READ THE FINE PRINT. There is always a misconception about that. Do not be mad that you blew the business because you did not put the systems to work. Just like with DirecTV, this business is just NOT FOR EVERYONE.
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Feb 23, 2013 
This is a great company, they tell you in the very beginning that this job isn't for every one, I am 19 and been working for about two months and have been averaging about 900 a week, so to all you baby's out there who are crying cause you can't make a sale, quit blaming the company, it's not their falt you can't make a sale. TURN AND BURN!!!!!!!
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Feb 28, 2013  from Virginia Beach, Virginia
Dude, your a tool.
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Mar 29, 2013  from Adelanto, California
$900 a week sure guy. Lol. Thats $1900 a week according to their high rep list. Your a tool. I bet you dont even work there anymore. Turn n burn is what your bank account is doing...
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Jun 11, 2013  from Navarre, Florida
Yes. Finally someone who isn't *** and moaning. All these whiney sales reps on here make me sick. Read your paperwork. Everything is disclosed upfront. You all sound like the whiney customers who never read their new customer sales order worksheet. Someone actually talks about their success with the company instead of crying like you, and you attack them? Grow up. Most of you sales reps that can't cut it need to go work at mcdonalds or something. TURN AND BURN BABY!!!!!
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Feb 14, 2013  from Anchorage, Alaska
so ive been in it a year, the guy that hired me disappeared 4 months ago, the "higher" ups decided to "promote" me out, well 2 months later i am the one with no sleep, no money, and about 50lbs less, even got evicted from two places and lived in the office. I am at the critical point now, So invested im scared to leave, and then the fact a can smell the *** raping one the way. oh yeah, the money made from comp last several months??? never seen it, i've been making $.50 less an hour than minimum wage for a year. I have all there paper work, this Contract they wanted me to sign so they can "help" control my accounts!!! JEBUS... you *** someone off and you'll get locked away from your money so quick your head will spin. so if anyone wants info, just ask. personally have been involved in several labor cases here in alaska for prev comp too.....
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Jan 28, 2013  from Tucker, Georgia
so this company emailed me saying they were ready for me to come interview for them after i sent in a bogus resume AFTER hearing of a friend of mine getting scammed while working for them.
the resume was full of dead end jobs, poorly written and gramatically terrifying, yet they called me excited as ever for the interview. as i was talking to the "hr" lady i gave her information that was not on my resume and she kept saying "oh, oh, i see it right here, oh okay yes i have it right here on my computer" i could barely contain the laughter.
then the interview.... the guy was an *** and actually seemed evil. he was trying to sell me on basically scamming ppl (the way he was trying to scam me)and was dodging all questions about getting paid, hours, compensation for gas money and how i will get paid during my 5 day "training" period. basically he sounded like a bro that was kind of hitting on me while lying thru his teeth being a complete creep. once again i wanted to laugh so bad i had to excuse myself to the bathroom..... which there was none.
basically at thst point i walked out. this company is a joke and what some people might call a "pyramid scheme." the people at the bottom dont make *** and are being used while the ppl at the top sit back and literally DO NOTHING!!! yes they do nothing cause YOU are making their money for them...if you stick with this company long enough... basically you are an *** or an *** hole... most of the time both, you will
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Feb 05, 2013  from Greenwood, South Carolina
I have just go into this company in the upstate and would like to help you take them down. respond of how I can make this a more possible reality been there for a week or two. :)
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Feb 18, 2013  from Wausau, Wisconsin
I worked for that company in kenosha wisconsin for a *** named chance bringmon not to long ago and the pay was ***. I have still not been paid. The pay they say you will have is not what they say and is a big scam. As soon as I figured that I was lying to customers I quit. Smart circle mike t and chance bringman can kiss my ***. I knew finding a job from craigslist was a scam.....
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Mar 11, 2013 
This is definitely a scam. If you are an employee or looking for employment with any company under the smart circle umbrella...run!

I did very well as a sales rep and was promoted into my own market quickly. They want to promote the Idea that the company is growing so quickly and so fast. But actually the only available markets are the ones that suck. Then they tell everyone we have soo many markets available who's going to be next.

Then when you get to your market you realize 5-10 owners before you in that market sometimes less didn't make it. Lets see some of these owners get burnt out because its very stressful and employees in every market around country quit every day because of the nature of the work and the fact smart circle wants you to run your business 7 days a week. Some other owners quit like me even though we make decent money. But there are a ton of hidden costs smart circle and your promoting owner hide from you or beat around the bush about to not scare you out of (the opportunity of a life time) lol!

Some owners quit like me because I knew the opportunity they had promised me was non existent. I will not trade the time I had running my own business but not even tell my worst enemy to work for a smart circle associated business.

I saw over 100 employees litterally go through my business in one year. If you cant cover a store with your employees. You litterally get chewed out by the president of
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Aug 12, 2013  from San Diego, California
lterally do nothing...kinda makes me laugh..
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Dec 18, 2012 
Smart circle has been a savior for my family. I go to school full-time, and then work weekends. In 24 hours of work I make about 4-6 sales, and when I work full-time its a few more along with training other people. I make $500+ in three days so for all you that couldn't cut it stop hating. Not everyone can do sales. We are one of the largest retailers across the country for DTV and are accepted in Best Buy, Sams Club, and Mendards. These companies do not was to *** off all their customer. It's not and easy job but for those who have a strong work ethic, are quick learning and have a positive attitude it is a great opportunity.
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