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Scammed by Sinless Vapor aka Vapor Corp

Monetary Loss

I received a "spam" E-Mail from SinlessVapor.com offering a FREE Starter Kit.Just pay the shipping $4.95 and it is yours.

*** me, I went ahead and paid the $4.95. Then I went to their website and read the disclaimer: If you don't like it, then return it within 12 days, otherwise we will charge you $99.95... Ouch, my mistake. I immediately called them and asked NOT to ship it - they lied, telling me that it is too late, it has already been shipped.

Two week later I received E-Mail that is has just been shipped. I called again and was told to wait until it arrives and return it not to Shipper, but to a different address using the RMA number they gave me. Two more weeks later (total of 4 weeks time) a cheap, no name single 650mah battery starter kit arrives. The kind that you will find in a Tabaco store for $9.99 or less.

And the next day a $99.95 charge appears on my credit card account because the 12 day trial period had passed long ago before they even shipped the product. I shipped it back (unopened and untouched) on the same day I've received it. Today I received an E-Mail from them that my account is credited $50.00 because they have 50% Restocking Fee!!!

That's $4.95 + $99.95 + $12.00 (return shipping) - $50.00 = $66.90 it costs me and I didn't even get to keep the product.Sucker (Me)!!! 304a667

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Mar 06 
I ordered the e cig and got it pretty quick. Haven't got my credit card bill yet, but I only had 14.00 credit on it....lol...they can't charge anything on my card, I am going to cancel my card though....lol...*** thet are
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Feb 25 
read the fine print, says it clear "if your order your money is ours" I have three months trying to cancel and no matter manager,supervisor or who ever answer the phone you will never get your money back. the best way is not to fall in this scam. yes is a big pyramid scam. and the product the sell to you for 99.95 a month you can get it on your close tobacco shop for 9.99. :(
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Feb 17  from Viola, Wisconsin
how do I send it back it don't work can't take 1 puff. It is junk
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Mar 03 
:( :( no matter how hard you try to get your money back you always going to lose. so just cancel your credit card and Suck up... :cry :cry sorry but is true. did you try to press the bottom 5 times until the light blink? :upset
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Jan 29 
Gave warning a few weeks ago about this scam. After calling them and my credit card co. several times each(like 10 to 12) I got an email from them saying they will credit my acct $82.45. Cost me 5.95 to ship back and the shipping to get it. I think my credit card co will credit me the remaining $17.50 (I hope) I got a new credit card # but they said sinless vapor can still put the monthly charge on my new card. Thing is I cancelled by phone only minutes after ordering after reading on down the page about the charge of $99.95 and 9.95 shipping.
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Jan 29 
Same thing happened to me. I have not received the product and have been charged $99.95. Banks cannot stop debit card payments. I will be getting a new card and contacting the Attorney General.
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Jan 25  from Deep River, Connecticut
I have been scammed as well. I wonder if we can get anyone to take on a class action lawsuit for us all?
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Jan 25 
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Jan 25 
This company is fake. Do not buy from them. The instant I ordered I trying to email to cancel but the email did not go through to them, to the same address they used to send me the order info. So I called my bank and cancelled my credit card. What a scam, and I should have known better.
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Jan 22 
:( I ordered it 01/13, it's 01/22 and still have not received it. I tried to cancel it and they won't. They said I have to wait until I receive it. I already called my bank and cancelled my card after explaining what happened. If they still put the charge through I will dispute it. I should have looked here first before falling for the ad.
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Jan 30 
Update to my previous post. I just received the product today 01/30/14. I called and got an RMA number and cancelled everything. So far I have not seen a charge on my bank account, but I cancelled my debit card over a week ago, before they even shipped it. I am shipping it back with a tracking number so I can prove they get it back. Still mad as *** over the whole thing. Hoping this is the end of the problem. I will let you know if I get anymore charges.
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Jan 17 
I fell into the same thing. Day twelve my account was hit for 99.95. fortunately I was able to dispute it with my back and they pulled the money back. There is another company spinning off that calls themselves Vaper Ultra (with an e) and there is a legitimate company called Vapor Ultra (with an O).
I have a list of other companies that are under the same Executive Director if any one is interested.
Don't lay down you need to fight. :(
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Jan 08 
THE SAME thing. I ordered the trail for 4.99. Took over 12 days to get it. I was even more *** and opened it. I called my credit card and 99.95 was charged to it. I said what the heck. Thought since I had the kit, I would try it. I can't get it to work. I've called customer service 3 times now. They sent some instructions via e-mail. I still can't get it to work. Called them again. Now they are telling me to go to the web sight, and read about it, and watch some videos. So, Here goes. I'll see. Believe me, if you want this type e-cig, buy it at a local store. YOu will be better off. At least they can show you what you are doing wrong.
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Jan 06 
I got the same email but me being smart used my prepaid card that only had $10 lol so i know it doesn't give you your money back but they lost too!! Joke's on them from me :)
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Jan 06 
oh and i don't even think it actually works...
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Jan 15  from Toms River, New Jersey
i cancelled my card too, but before the item shipped. Do you think Ill still get the product?
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Jan 25  from Deep River, Connecticut
To the person or persons using their pre-paid debit card. I got roped into this too. Only I used a pre-paid card as well. How many times did they try to hit it up before they gave up? Could you contact me via DAZR1977@yahoo.com so I could get some information from you. I'm curious as to how many times and if multiple times how often have they tried to debit? I can't thank you enough for the information. :roll :?
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Jan 03 

WARNING - BEWARE If you tried to cancel they won't. Just want you to be aware they will charge $99.95 to your credit card every month. Call your credit card company and have a NEW number and card issued. I never dealt with such a dishonest company before!!! :( :? :eek
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Jan 03 
I (like a fool)ordered the sinless vapor system. AS soon as I ordered it I read on down the page about the $99.95 and 9.95 for shipping. I immediately called to cancel and was told it was already shipped (within 5 min, really). I called a total of 4 times that same day to cancel and was told 4 different things. I also called my credit card com. & explained the problem to them. I received the FREE kit and put it in a drawer since it was Christmas time. I checked with my credit card com. again & only the $1.95 was charged. Opened that drawer today and saw the kit so decided to call my credit card company again. Yes the $99.95 charge was on there!! Called sinless vapor and was told if I send it back I will only get a 50% refund. Called the credit card com again (they have all the info about the scam). They told me to get on the web sight and follow the rules about returning it. I got a RMA # from the com & went to return it. Now I have to wait and see what happens. Either I get $99.95 credit to my account or they haven't heard the last of me.... :upset
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Jan 02  from Houston, Texas
I received this product December 2013 and my cc was charged $99.95 the same day. I returned it in the orginal package, unopened the very next day. I've made numerous calls to get my money back and they tell me without a tracking # nothing can be done. The tracking # Does not show up in the confirmation email. They will not let me talk to a supervisor or anyone else. Now my cc was charged AGAIN for $99.95 on January 1, 2014. I have notified my bank again. And once again I called the company and they are no help again on getting my money back. So I am currently at $200 for a product I don't have. This is a big scam and I plan on contacting the Attorneys Generals office regarding this scamming company.
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