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Shoppers Advantage - TLG Shopper

Company Shoppers Advantage
Product / Service Tlg Shopper
Location Lawrenceville, Georgia
Category Shopping
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Monetary Loss

TLG shopper charged my account without ever sending out info about what they do, so I have looked all over the internet for a phone number.I got lucky, if anyone needs a number to call TLG Shoppers here it is 1-800-256-4848.

They will give you a confirmation number when you cancel with them keep it for just in case they still charge you.

I was told on the phone that they sent info but never did, they try to get me to stay with them for another 30 days with a promise of a $50 check to be sent to me.I told them no thank you, keep your money and just cancel my membership. 2ff2b71

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Apr 14 
the correct phone # is 1 800 526-4848 someone please get that first post corrected
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Apr 14 
The correct phone # is 1-800-526-4848 Someone is getting a lot of calls at the wrong number.
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Jan 27 
The phone# is wrong the correct # is 1-800-526-4848
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Jan 17 
The telephone number listed above is incorrect for Shoppers Advantage. It is 1-800-526-4848.
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Nov 20, 2013 
I have been charged twice by shoppers and called and finally got te account closed and the funds were credited back to my account...then I had two more charges the following month, when I called AGAIN I figured out if was not TLG Shoppers but a sister company that also had all of my account and bank information!!!! Not so willing to cancel, and refund my money this time...we'll see!
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Oct 31, 2013 
My bank statement says TLG Shoppers has charged me $16.99 without my consent or even knowing why after I already cancelled my membership with them over a month ago. What is the RIGHT number to call to stop this?

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Oct 30, 2013 
Thanks for that review .z I did the same, so I just changed my account number.
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Oct 30, 2013 
I found the same charges on my account. Turns out it happened when I bought tickets from Live Nation for a concert.

I am annoyed with shoppers advantage, but I am even more annoyed with Live Nation.
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Oct 28, 2013 
I was double charged 16.99 for two months. When i noticed i was being charged i quickly researched what this "company" was. Im 18 and in the Army, i have no need for whatever this was. I found that thousands of people were being charged from the same "company" and none of them seemed to know how they began recieving the charges. I did more digging and found this number : 1800-298-4930, its the president of this "company's" office. From digging deeper i found the president's name (megan).

I called the number and got the secratary. I asked for megan(who was "not in"). The first thing i was asked was my name and how i got the number, to which i answered "im good at digging up information" the next thing i was asked was if i would like to cancel my membership and within five minutes recieved cancelation numbers and a full reverse payment which according to miss secratary should be shown on my account statement within seven business days.

Do some research, and learn about this "company" and when you call and know what you are talking about, they will settle it quickly to avoid any problems.
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Aug 07, 2013  from Beaverton, Oregon
Their number is 1-800-633-3985. When I called to ask them why they charged me and who they were, I got an automated system that said if I am calling to dispute charges on my credit card, I needed to call my credit card company, then their system disconnected the line. :( I called my credit card company and after speaking with the fraud department, they are returning my funds. TLG are scam artists. Change your card number immediately!
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Jul 18, 2013  from Fayetteville, North Carolina
The Phone number is actually 1-800-526-4848
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Jul 12, 2013  from Brecksville, Ohio
That number doesn't work. I was able to cancel with the number (800) 526-4848. They got my grandma for $600!!!! How awful to take advantage of a 81 yo women!!!
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Jun 21, 2013  from Austin, Texas
I literally just called and the guy I talked to was pretty nice. He cancelled my account and gave me a full refund. Just don't be an *** when you call and they'll be nice.
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Nov 01, 2013 
I tried being nice, they tried to tell me I might still be charged until the end of the year because I didn't cancel in time. they wouldn't cancel until I threatened to file with consumer protection.
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Jun 05, 2013  from New Concord, Kentucky
The number is not right they have listed. I called here is the right number 1800-526-4848. The first 3 numbers they listed were wrong. And they are charging me every month for something I told them didn't want anyway. But will not refund any money back.
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May 24, 2013  from Syracuse, New York
I to was charge 21.95 for service I never got.
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