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Shoppers Advantage - Cancel my membership...

  • by   Oct 21, 2011
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Company Shoppers Advantage
Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Category Shopping
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I am Bobby Collins 103 Byrd Dr. Dunn, NC 28334...
I Wish to cancel my Shoppersadvantage Membership...
At 72 yrs. of age - poor health... I have no desire to continue this membership...
I do appreciate your cooperation concerning this matter.
E-Mail Address: bcollins275@nc.rr.com
Please verify this cancelation by the above E-Mail Address.

Bobby Collins

It would have been so nice if you would provide an eight-hundred number for the convinance of your customers... I clearly expressed my desire not
to be apart of this Shoppersadvantage Membership. I would appreciate
your help... Thanks again! 302fd0d

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Apr 15 
Why are people trying to cancel at this site? :? THIS IS NOT Shoppers Advantage/Great Fun/Trilegiant. Don't post your name, address, or other personal information
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Apr 15  from Newark, New Jersey
i am corey j bailey 386 s 9th st newark nj 07103 i wish to cancel my shoppersadvantage membership i just have no desire to continue this membership i do appreciate your cooperation concerning this matter.e-mail address:corey.bailey70@yahoo.com please verify this cancellation by the above e-mail address. thanks. corey j bailey
Reply to coke

Apr 09  from Clearwater, Florida
I would like to cancel my membership TLG*SHOPPER85832669.Do not charge my credit card any more. Thank you.I have called already.
Reply to Claudia

Apr 02  from Lexington, Kentucky
Need to cancel my account since moving out of USA. Name: FREDM.OBRYAN, 1245 STANDISH WAY, LEXINGTON, KY 40504 EMAIL:fmobryan@gmail.com I appreciate your cooperation
Reply to fred

Jan 03  from California, Pennsylvania
This company's name should be "Taking advantage of shoppers"

I cancelled my "membership" (which I never initiated)...
however they continued to charge my credit card every month...
When I contested them the customer service rep said that my membership was not cancelled because I called two early (within two weeks of [them] signing me in...)
I called yesterday again, the guy said that he will send me 40 dollars... in gift card of something... I called again today... but after some wait time there was an anouncement stating.. we cannot proceed with this call... call another time...
To stave them off, I cancelled my credit card... so they cannot charge me anymore...
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Dec 30, 2013  from Ozark, Missouri
I found another number on the book that is different from the other code. It is 90998716 please cancel. skvanhorn1102@hotmail.com
Reply to Puddin

Dec 30, 2013  from Ozark, Missouri
Anonymous. I do not want this shoppers advantage . Please cancel this member number 112613B. Thank you
Reply to Puddin

Dec 03, 2013  from Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Please cancel my membership. I do appreciate all d good offers but i cant take any bills nowasays ..... i am experiencing other financial issues with my bills. This is email elmutunte89@gmail.com. thank you tLG.
Reply to Anonymous

Nov 26, 2013 
I never subscribed to shoppers adavantage!!! I am being billed every month... I wish to unsubscribe now!!! ID # 65712288
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Nov 13, 2013 
Please cancel this membership, Member Number 86109067. I did not agree to a membership @ Shoppersadvantage.
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Oct 30, 2013 
just found out they charged me just recent i wanna unsub and get my money back #3023995187
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Oct 30, 2013 
m#89911157 just please cancel my membership i tried to by phone but she talked my *** of i DO not want this send confermation to dad2col16@gmail thank you please do this asap
Reply to Anonymous

Oct 23, 2013 
I want to cancel my account. I just called to cancel but I want a confirmation email that it is final. I don't want money drawn from my account anymore! I'm sick of this!!! #87124951 cancel it immediantly! !! Thank you.
Reply to Anonymous

Oct 05, 2013 
My name is KLAUS PEUCKER M#22889626.Please cancel my Shoppers Advantage membership. I have no use for it. My e-mail address is

Thank you.
Reply to Anonymous

Sep 03, 2013  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
My name is Eileen Rhoads, #86975549. Please cancel shoppers advantage I do not have any use for this. My email address is lenalib6@verizon.net. Thank you for your cooperation.
Reply to Lena

Sep 02, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
My name is Jeanne Nicholson, 10710 Shady Downs Ct., Dallas, TX 75238. Please cancel my membership. I really don't see where I would ever take advantage of the things you offer therefore I have no use for it. My email address is jeanne7102@att.net.

Thank you!

Reply to Anonymous

Aug 26, 2013  from New Hanover, Pennsylvania
my name is amber cooper. i would like to cancel my membership i have no use for it. i can be reached at ambercooper66@gmail.com. thank you
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Jul 16, 2013  from Rochester, Minnesota
I am Darrel Moe at 1900 Ballington Blvd #345 Rochester MN 55901. I desire
to cancel my Shoppers Advantage membership. I can be reached by e-mail at
md.moe@charter.net. thank you.
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Jul 10, 2013  from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
please cancel my membership my membership # is 82140925 i would apperciate if you would not charge my card anymore i have no use for your services.
Reply to junebug

Jul 10, 2013  from Houston, Texas
please cancel my membership immediately .
my membership # is64972515
e mail address niyogish @yahoo.com
Reply to narad

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