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Service Protection Direct - A message from the company

Company Service Protection Direct
Location St. Louis, Missouri
Category Service Centers and Customer Services
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We recognize that there are a lot of negative comments and customer complaints toward Protection Direct, and some of it is absolutely warranted. We are currently working with the BBB to improve our rating (read more about that here: http://bit.ly/joR2b3), and we are actively trying to improve our image by resolving existing complaints. It's our hope to change our industry by leading the way with solid business practices, responsive customer service and transparent communication.

Post here about your recent experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) or send them to us through feedback@protectiondirect.com and you will be heard. If you're a current customer and want us to look into a specific incident, be sure to email us your full name and customer ID number so that we can quickly identify your case and try to get the issue resolved.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we're here to help!

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Jul 26, 2013  from Fort Myers, Florida

Good one!
Reply to picante

Sep 30, 2012 
Thank you for the email.

The billing account and coverage has been cancelled since 9/18/12.

Questions regarding refund eligibility should be directed to the selling agent listed below:

Agent Contact Info

Thank you for your business.

Best regards,

Customer Service Support
p: (800) 839-7940 | f: (312) 261-4888


Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5pm CT
Office closed on major holidays and weekends
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From: info@paylinkdirect.com [mailto:info@paylinkdirect.com]
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Online Form Received - Contact Us Form - 9/26/2012 7:58:35 PM

- Name : Francisco and Maria Olivares
- Street Address : 16220 Sigman Street
- Zip Code : 91730
- Email Address : me.romero@charter.net
- Message : To Whom it May Concern:

As per conversation held with customer service personnel, I am following up
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Reply to Francisco and Maria Olivares R

Jul 20, 2012 
I spoke to a man named Adrian who proceeded to sell me a bill of goods. When asked "How do you know my car is in the condition I've told you" he replied, they work on the honest system! ha, ha, ha!
Reply to Honest System? my *%#

Mar 11, 2012 
Don't let these people rip you off,i just got a letter in the mail well not call them
Reply to concern

Mar 07, 2012 
I received a mailer from your company in July of 2009 stating that my factory warranty was getting ready to expire. I was baffled by this since I had only owned my truck for less that 2 years and I bought it brand new which came with a 3 year or 36K bumper to bumper and a 5 year or 60K powertrain warranty. With that said I contacted the number on the flyer that you sent me and your company convinced me that my information was incorrect and that they could extend my warranty. After speaking with one of your represenatives I told them that I would have to think about this because I could not afford what they were telling me it would cost monthly. I was called back by one of your represenatives and was then transferred to a Supervisor who negotiated the price to $89.90 a month and it was to be on a month to month basis. I agreed to a one time payment from my checking account and was told that if I did not pay the amount each month then the coverage would just end and there would be no early termination fee's. After doing some research I found that in fact my warranty had not ran out and that I still had a year and 3 months left on my 3 year warranty so I did not plan to continue with your company. I received my bank statement in the mail the next month to find that your company was automatically drafting this amount out of my account without my permission. There was no number on my statement to call to have this stopped and finally after paying this for 13 months I had to close... Show more
Reply to Cassie Miller

Nov 14, 2011 
Where did you get information about my car? Like what model it is, what year it is.
Reply to killer

Jun 09, 2011 
I received a phone call from a lady name Sue I guess from the receiving dept. She in turned told me to come and pick up the mover that I needed to get fixed or money back. I am trying to work with the manufacturer on the problem, and let her know that I am working on it, trying to resolve the hold mess. Well, in turn she frankly told me that "The company will not credit you any money due to customer abuse on the mover". I feel that comment was uncall for in my eyes, she doesn't even know what the *** been going on for 3 weeks now, and now she's telling me that I abuse it, she got some dam nerve in saying that. I feel Lowe's should do something about because if she talk to me like that, then I'm shore she spoke to other people like that also. You people should do something about it!
Reply to Janice D - N.J. Lawnmover rep

Oct 27, 2013  from Dexter City, Ohio
I sincerely hope that by now, you've learned how to read so that you know that this thread is all about PROTECTION DIRECT and not some *** receiving dept at Lowe's. Learn how to read dumbass.
Reply to bozo

May 26, 2011 
Beverly, we've made several attempts to reach out to you but you have not called us back. We would very much like to resolve your issue, so please contact us by phone or through feedback@protectiondirect.com.
Thank you,
Protection Direct Rep
Reply to Protection Direct Rep

May 09, 2011 
SPD has orchestrated the largest mass theft since the US Government stole the Black Hills from the Sioux Indians!!!
Reply to Beverly Waln, Parmelee South D

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