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Secret Society - Secrest Society Scam - Kirsen Hart invitation for $135

Company Secret Society
Product / Service 2300 Hundred Year Old Secrets
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Category Advertisements and Cons
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The Secret Society (same come on as the Neo Tech) sends an invitation for a free report to reveal 2300 hundred year old secrets is sent.

The initial letter is very flatering and makes you curious since they are going to send this to you free.

Then the free report arrives and bingo...says to send $135 to obtain the "de-coded" secrets.

They swear on the Bible .....that should have stoped me right there!!! But, I believe God must have wanted me to write this for someone to save their money and time on the Secret Society and Kirsten Hart...possibly their soul as well!!!!

Thank you God for giving me the brains to check this out and not ever swear on the Bible. 30b3e81

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2 days ago  from Whiteville, North Carolina
I've seen the neotech manuscript and it s full of bull. If it was real then I should be rich and famous. After you buy that book, there are two other books they want you to buy. Don't be fooled. If it was real ,then you would already be rich
Reply to Dangelo

Jan 09 
Everyone is so sure it's a scam!
But none of you have a clue, because you've not seen the secret manuscript...
If you don't pay for something, it has no value.
Reply to anonymous

Nov 18, 2013 
So glad I was smart enough to check this out online, before committing to $140.00. Thank you.
Reply to pmn442003

Nov 04, 2013 
I bought the book and I received a book that said Neothink by Mark Hamilton on the front cover. It looked like a Bible, and I didn't understand it, and nothing amazing happened. I got letters from them after graduating high school in 2012 in Florida. It was before I joined the Air Force that I started receiving letters from them.
Reply to Jayday

Mar 05 
so what did the book say i hear everybody saying its a scam has anyone ordered it and whats it about?????
Reply to spanky

Sep 25, 2013  from Willard, North Carolina
Thank you for this Website. I also got a Invitation and all that. First of all, i cant believe that they use God to back everything up and make you believe that everything they say its thrue.!!!Another thing i cant believe is, that so many People would have Paid the Money or Actually did Pay the Money and more. Im sorry becorse Money is so hard to come by these Days ok. And becorse of this Website , they was warned. good. Thank you verry much. Yvonne
Reply to Princess

Sep 11, 2013  from Albany, New York
I think there is a difference between something being deceptive and manipulative and something being illegal. Almost all advertising is manipulative and plays on our desires to have more possessions, be more desirable, have greater status, or experience greater pleasure. The League mailings are doing the same thing and are offering an actual product, albeit one that is overpriced and of our debatable value. But I don't see anything illegal going on here. Recipients make the choice whether or not to purchase the report. People sell worthless items on eBay for absurd prices and we laugh at the foolishness. But we don't think of it as fraud.

I do not mean to condone this operation. People are being misled. And most likely the most desperate are the ones risking their money. Hopefully, only a miniscule percentage of people receiving the worthless booklet actually fork up the $139.95. But since I have no idea what the 1200 pages of ancient secrets would reveal to me, I am just using common sense and being sensible with my money. I guess it is possible that some members actually benefit from the information, though I doubt they are roaming the seas on their expensive boats, attracting romance wherever they go, and have conquered Wall Street. I do think the idea of possessing secret knowledge is incredibly appealing. But secrets are very hard to keep. Calling something a secret doesn't make it one.

It is interesting that this society has no Internet
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Reply to leftyjoe57

Sep 03, 2013 
I have received these letters three times in the last five years. I have the FREE booklet but have never responded to the $135 Discounted offer. The secret is you get what you work for. Think positive...your brain does not know the difference between what you belive is true and what really is true :x .
Reply to Not gullible

Sep 03, 2013  from Levittown, New York
I also marked yes to the initial letter only to receive the second with a bill for $139.00. Good thing is I'm a Federal Officer, who works closely with Postal Inspector and will report this scam. Lets see how fast they go underground. If you receive any further mails contact your local Post Office for the area Postal Inspectors and save this mail for them.
Reply to Lawman

Aug 27, 2013 
Yes i received the same letter in the mail with the B.S. info in regards to be under radar it sounded to good to be true. I decided to do more research upon this orgaization......Glad i did very evil to play on people vulnerbalilty sad....
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 26, 2013  from Beaverton, Oregon
What a bunch of ***!!! Please pardon since I am so gifted and talented should I use so common a remark. it is such a shame that so many people are USED by such evil sharks. The League membership must be a bunch of losers! May they all find their way to that deep deep hot hole in the ground comenly known as ***!
Reply to Floyd

May 15, 2013  from San Francisco, California
A part of me is filled with anxiety after reading these posts. However, like Stark, we're only talking about a $135.Pat will spend $135 for taxes and gas whether she/he wants to or not. At least this is a one time choice.I'll learn something from all this one way or another. Our lives are filled with choices. Can anyone really say they have only made good choices? Be real to yourself!
Reply to preyedupon

May 14, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
also, having to buy the information you need is not a scam. Have you seen the prices of college textbooks or tuition? That's a scam.
Reply to Stark

May 14, 2013  from Las Vegas, Nevada
NeoTech or some of the teachings have actually helped me. No, it is not for everyone but I have been a member for years and have not had to spend anything past the payment for the information and yes, I am here in Las Vegas. If you can't afford something, that does not mean that it is a scam, it means that you can't afford it. if you don't understand something, that does not mean it is a scam, it means you don't understand. If something is above your head, it is not for you. Simple as that. they are not forcing anyone to pay them. Everything is by choice and there is no scam. I have several businesses to prove it and I'm successful. I found this post looking for some other information and decided to reply.
Reply to Stark

May 29, 2013  from Elk Grove, California
I agree with you that if things are not affordable that doesn't means that they are scam. Thank you
Reply to Jas

May 13, 2013 
i got the same letter not too long ago. I dont know why i decided to mark it off as "yes". ill be a member. I only did it so i can see what they send me back, and once i saw it was scam asking for money, i decided to search on it.
Now i got a question..
what do i do now if i checked off the "yes" box?
Do i just block them, and not reply to anything?
or what cons may it bring?
Reply to Another

Apr 30, 2013  from Asheville, North Carolina
Thanks to the original poster on this SCAM.
I like most recieved my initial letter telling me how special I was and how they knew more about me than I knew about myself......FUNNY They mispelled my name....lol
I did respond to the initial letter even though I knew it was a scam, I wanted to see where it went.
When the follow up came i n a week or so, I reaed it completely.
Some obvious things....al Five stores described the individual after receiving the gift with no payment and all
lived in a CUSTOM home....how odd.
I am sure they will catch several unsuspect people, but thanks to this article I am not one of them.
Reply to Misspelled name

Apr 08, 2013  from Jackson, Mississippi
I have received a third letter and it stated that I could pay half and half totaling $135.
However if they can make me rich up front I would graciously give them much more than that.
Reply to Leftee

Nov 27, 2012 
Wow!! Thank you for all of your warnings. I have received the first letter and the second with the 'first installment' and refused to send them $140...so they have sent me a third letter, giving me a second chance (Ha). Finally, I checked them out on google...so glad I did. Thanks to all of your comments, I am thankful for all of your comments (saved me almost $140!!)...a few weeks ago, I received a letter telling me I had inherited 10 million!!! Where do these people get my address?! Do I look and sound like such an easy mark?
Reply to Roy Bond - S. Florida

Nov 23, 2012 
I received. The same letter and was thinking why in the world should I have to pay that kind of money for a manuscript. Kept my money never heard nothing back
Reply to Arlene

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