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Sara Freder

Company Sara Freder
Product / Service Pychic Readings
Location Newark, New Jersey
Category Entertainment
Views 702
Monetary Loss

Thank you all for posting about Sara Freder.I almost sent her money, had the form filled out and everything, but before I did I googled her name and saw all of your responses.

I agree that someone like this should be stopped and arrested. It's a sin that she gets away with it. All of you that got scammed, at least be at peace that you are not *** like he or she is.

Thank you again for posting and sharing experiences like this so it can minimize any more people getting scammed by her.May God bless all of you. 30b46ff

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Sep 30, 2013 
all of you listen up !!!if you believe in god,it says in the bible you are not to contact thesec sort of people.READ YOUR BIBLE !!!

Jan 13, 2012 
I was just about to send her(Sara) the money @ thanks to you guys i'v changed my mind...thank you for warning me.
Reply to qUEEN

Oct 04, 2011 
I thank god that gave me sense and i first Googled sara feder .other wise i was almost filling in her form.only to realize from u people that she is a total scammer
Reply to samson

Jun 26, 2011 
For everyone

Who wants to belive that something good should or will happen in his/her life will write to any person who claim for him/herself that can tell what will happen in Your near future.
Who is not beliving in that should not write or complain.
If You really want something good to happen in Your life, just belive and it will happen. If not on some exact date, maybe it will happen a little bit later, but it will happen.
Just belive.
Reply to Somebody

Jun 04, 2011 
Guys, I need serious help. I had paid with my credit card to Sara Freeder. If i do not want her services, is there a refund? I hope she doesn't curse me or anything. Pls help.
Reply to Vicks

May 16, 2011 
Sara has sent me several emails, when I received the last one, I paid her by pay pal for her services, it has been three months and I have not received another email. I guess the saying "Buyer Beware" is appropriate. How sad is this.
Reply to Michelle

Feb 23, 2011 
:cry :eek :) :grin 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x sama comedy time pass entertainment......
Reply to selvi

Feb 18, 2011 
god, its jus the starting... i jus got my first email from ..is there any way to get outa ths....will she curse me???
Reply to tanya

Jan 14, 2011 
I also received mails from Sara and another which I ignored
Reply to Clive

Jan 14, 2011 
I got conned by a person called Magus

I received a mail later that he had died
Reply to Clive

Oct 10, 2010 
Hi everyone,

I would like urge you all to believe in God if you want your life to be changed. I read all these *** from so called Sarah Freda and Pasquilina and I tell you they are real devil...........
Reply to Vincent Gumabugo

Oct 08, 2010 
i think sara and pasquliana do work together but that doesnt mean they are scams.maybe they did group themselves to help people ....think about it.at least sumone got his money back.so if they were cheating do you think they could give you your money back?or even to tell you they received.they will just ignore your mails or even claim that they didnt get money.please guys these people they do help.they did change my life.
Reply to lolo

Oct 08, 2010 
You guys dont know Sara freder,she changed my life and now i live the best life.i got a well paid job and my life is full of hapiness.if she did scam in the first tym i think now she is the best than all.one thing about her,she doesnt like anything evil.if you want to hurt sum1 she will tell you straight that just know it will *** to you in folds.she is the best
Reply to cha

Sep 16, 2010 
The official security services are probably not authorized to deal with psyhics and astrologer,Rainer.
I have seen many simple-minded people to cast spells and wish bad to others,here in Bulgaria. I can assure you that no one of them did end up well,Wain.As for the astrology stuff...
There is no such thing as a constellation in nature. Humans have figured up certain groups of stars /for convenience/,that can be observed in certain IMAGINARY quadrants, when looking from a certain point /from Earth/. However, very often the stars grouped in one "constellation" are much more distant from each other in space and time than to some stars of a "neighbouring" constellation.
Furthermore between the Scorpio and the Archer there is really another constellation on the Sun"track" - Serpence/snake/-Serpentarius-Serpence. This means that there are actually 13-14 constellatins of "the zodiac".It is larger than two of the others together.If astrologers deal with real celestial objects, how could they miss such a large figure?
One more thing-As the Earth is slightly oval,there is a precessiono f it's axis.It might be very slight, and yet so many obstacles have changed since the astrology was created that all it's conditions and charts are not accurate anymore.Above all astrology was not created to determine or controll people's characters, all this started in the dark ages, when it's main point and essence was forgotten anyway.
Reply to ralitza

Aug 01, 2010 
Could be she just a database or some kind of program :grin I don't think she's a human :zzz
Reply to Evangust

Jul 07, 2010 
oh god,i hope that sarah is not a witch or something bad.
i get some bad feelings,maybe im a little scared,not good to trust horoskop and horoscop sites.
it is satan things those things.
all we can do now is praying to god to save us and to protect us.
oh,*** she has written to me in e mail,I was near you maybe you field me.

oh ,i dont know what to believe,she is A fake or real but i dont like that at all.i was a fool.
Reply to 777

Apr 25, 2010 
let's try her and see what happens.... :?
Reply to gils

Mar 02, 2010 
I looked up her name and found this site. She IS a fraud and a liar. I hope people like her are banned from using the internet. Physic indeed. :roll
Reply to intherealworld

Feb 28, 2010 
does anyone know of any good spell casters? if so trj7704@yahoo.com
Reply to wayne

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I knew Sarah Freder was a *** as soon as I read my free reading,therfore no money was sent by me.I then did this search & found all the people...

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