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Why does'nt Santander Consumer USA offer deferment ?

Company Santander Consumer
Product / Service Deferment Payment
Location Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Category Computers
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I have a truck financed by Citi Auto, which was bought out by Santander....well long story short my husband lost his job, and Ive requested a deferment for a month because in my contract I am allowed up to 8 times to have a deferment for the life time of the loan.So I call and all they keep saying is our Company does not have any deferments right now!!!

Really...so now I am going to have a late payment reported to my credit, until I can make payment with income tax return. I told them how can you offer something that you cannot provide??

when I really need it I am not allowed to use it?This company is ridiculous, it's as if they want me to default, when it could of been prevented. 2e59c61

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Sep 01, 2012 
They didn't give me any trouble. I changed the due date on the 3rd year of my loan, and that gave me an extra month to pay. You can do that once per loan. Then just recently I requested a two month defferment. I wasn't behind in payment. I told them I have less hours at work, and I need time to catch up. They said I could pay half of my auto loan, and I told them I wasn't able. They reviewed my request for two weeks, then said it was approved when I called back. It was a hassle free experience. 
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Jul 05, 2012 
They do and will do a deferment if you are behind but they are not going to tell you that. I called a few times in the past and they kept saying that I didn't qualify for one or they don't offer it. Well, I was two months behind and I could make a payment but I would still be behind. I called because I received a notice of intent to repossess the vehicle and they gave me a two month deferment. They are just being very aggressive about getting payment but this is very unethical. The bad part is that after 30 days it goes on your credit report as a late payment. So, with them you either make your payment perfectly on time or else your good name is smeared.
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Apr 21, 2011 
santander mispresents themselves so that they can get the money owed. i asked for a deferment since i was no longer working but planned to be soon. the supervisor, sophia bloom said to make a "good faith payment" of half the car loan and then to call back at the end of the month, "to see what they offer".

meanwhile, santander reps call every 3 days to ask about you making the payment. basically, it's simple. when i call back at the end of the month, they will give the same song and dance, which is make payment, we don't have anything right now... and they never will... that is obviously not their function since this car loan was sold from citifinancial to them... they are not going to make any arrangements whatsoever, except, when and how much are you paying.

so people please don't believe the hype and lies. i hope this helps someone.
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Mar 04, 2011 
my understanding contracts are to be honored by who ever buys them. Contracts can not be changed without the buyers approval.
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