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Santander Consumer - IF YOU HAVE A SANTANDER LOAN pls join the class action lawsuit

Company Santander Consumer
Product / Service Auto Loan
Location Miami, Florida
Category Auto Financing
Views 3965
Monetary Loss

GARY GREEN, esq.filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees.

Contact them: http://www.ggreen.com/santander-class-action/item/150-santander-consumer-usa-class-action-lawsuit.html
& MEHRI & SKALET have a class action against Santander for improper overcharges on auto loans.Customers complain charges of unauthorized late fees & fails to credit customer accts, & falsely reports missed payments to credit agencies.
REACH THEM AT: http://www.findjustice.com/cases/consumer-protection/consumer-investigations/santander-consumer-usa/ 2e62337

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Apr 13 
I bought a car in Dec. 2008 financed with Drive Financial. Shortly after that I was notified that Santander Consumer USA was taking over the loan and to start paying them. So as of Feb 2009 first payment was made, I am 5 and a half years into the loan and relieze I owe almost the same amount on the car as when I bought. I paid in 2008 $10,660 for the car today is 4-2014 and we owe $9777.00 for the car. Really do the math. We gave them over $ 14,000 in interest and $1550.00 in principal only. I don't think so. I know we were not always on time but even if we were late on every payment it still would not add p to this. I contacted them the other day and told them to pick up the care I'm done. Their is no way i am paying $50.000 for an 2003 Saturn. Not happening.
Reply to shotgun2

Apr 10  from New York, New York
Please add me to the lawsuit as well. sola2000ny@gmail.com I am being financed at over 25% and owe 21k for a car that is a 2008 that is only worth about 14k.
Reply to Jen

Apr 08 
They stole my car and attemptedto auction it off while my suv was in a Ch 13 bankruptcy.. They refused to tell me where my car was and gave my mom the runaround w false phone numbers
Reply to Ripped off

Apr 07  from Orangeburg, South Carolina
Im paying over 57,000 for a car that cost only 27,000 thats over 100% something must be done
Reply to willie

Mar 28  from Pahrump, Nevada
Please add me to this lawsuit. I have sent psyments never credited. I have email confirmations yet they they were a mistake. They say I owe what I paid for car 2 years ago.
Reply to Campy

Mar 28 
Please add me to the list abutts50@hotmail.com. I need assistance asap. I have an 06. I still owe the same amount as a new car.
Reply to Anonymous

Mar 24 
Thomaslisa777surveys@gmail.com, please add, thanks
Reply to Anonymous

Mar 15 
Please add me please worthyqt@yahoo.com
I think I'm getting ripped off too!! I had my first loan with Wells Fargo but then I got a offer in the mail to refinance with citi to lower my payment bad mistake I just ran with it and now my car was suppose to be paid off this month and they say I still owe 7000!! They told me it was eight deferred payments and interest and late fees. I told them something has to be wrong somewhere because that's ridiculous! I asked for my contract to be sent to go over it. I know I skipped two months to defer but I always bounce back and paid and it should not be that much. He said once you defer it extends out the loan. First it was cti and then it went to santander I think in the process it got switch the numbers got messed up! I don't even think I defer 8 times ! Maybe 4! I hope they of get sued so I can get a whole lot of money back!
Reply to Bozzqt

Mar 14  from Allston, Massachusetts
Please ad me, brenko77@hotmail.com
Reply to Anonymous

Mar 14  from Chantilly, Virginia
Please add me to the list, thomasinasingleton2006@yahoo.com.
Reply to Sinia

Mar 09  from Truckee, California
Please add me frizzlefry89@gmail.com
Reply to Tyler

Mar 06  from Torrance, California
Please add me to the lawsuit. Truck99467@gmail.com. Thanks
Reply to Miguels764

Mar 03  from Orlando, Florida
please add me as well hnakiia@gmail.com my car was totaled in 2009 the insurance pd off the car and i still owe $5k of negative equity.
Reply to nikki

Feb 28 
Hi, could you please add me to this lawsuit.... I really need this nightmare to be over for me...its affecting my credit really bad...derrickgreen212@gmail.com
Reply to Dee

Jan 18  from Fort Wayne, Indiana
same here, 24,000 later still owe 200.00 here/there to get title. Car was 12,000.
Can't get title, have all paperwork, all payment info, all balance info. Made copies of everything, doesn't add up. Sent last payoff amount + 50.00, they said they did not recieve, then did recieve, but more interest added.
Reply to chris

Jan 12 
Please add me to quianadcampbell@gmail.com Quiana Campbell, what they are doing is not right I have had my loan since 2007 and I'm still paying and I own more than 11,000 on a 15,000 loan.
Reply to Quiana

Jan 07  from Arlington, Texas
Folks, not trying to make excuses for the lack of professionalism. But if you borrower $11k, $15k, $20K at 17-22% on a simple interest contract (google it) it takes a LOOOONNNNGGG time to payoff. What will make it even worse is paying late, missing payments all together, getting a deferment granted. The miracle of simple interest is a devil in disguise!
Reply to FearTheSpear

Jan 05 
I have been paying 346.00 a month since 2009 my principle has barely been paid due to HIGH interest rates, BUT MY CREDIT WASN'T BAD UNTIL THEY GOT INTO MY LIFE. Now I have a charge off but I still have the truck...go figure. I made all payments some a little late due to how my payday falls and I even asked to have that change they said...NO! They are not helpful they lie and are very rude just to *** you off then they just hang the phone up on you on purpose. One person will tell you one thing and later another will tell you something totally different. This company is the worst I have ever since and needs to be dealt with legal actions and sanctions by our state or federal government or some *** body that cares.
Reply to Ron

Jan 05 
And PLEASE add me to this Lawsuit before I go crazy....exped04@gmail.com
Reply to Ron

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