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Defective product with no returns at Sanicare.com

Company Sanicare
Product / Service Product Return
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Products
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Monetary Loss

I purchased the Sanicare Italia Hand Held Bidet Black/Chrome - Model IT100BC from Sanicare.com for $130.Prior to installing I noticed that the rotating collar was a little wobbly.

When I installed it and started the water supply, water started leaking (a lot of it) from the joint between the rotating collar and the T-joint. When I talked to customer service, they were rude and initially blamed me for breaking it and would not even let me finish telling my story. Anyway, after a rude and unfriendly customer service, the only advice I got was to go online and file a claim which I did. I told them in my claim that I do not want to repair or replace it, instead I want to return the bidet and get a refund because I could not trust the product that broke before my first use and risk my house getting flooded.

I mailed them the package expecting my money to be returned, but instead they mailed back the product, with the T-joint repaired. After that I emailed them twice asking for the process to return it, but got no response. Finally I called them and was again greeted with the same unfriendly service by their customer service rep who threatened me with a slander litigation if I posted my experience with them on the internet or BBB.

I will never buy any product from this company.Cannot decide which is worse, their service or their product! 2d41db9

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Sep 09, 2012 
I fully agree with you...I purchased their Italia Handheld Bidet for nearly USD 300. After 18 months it broke. Although they said it is "LIFETIME WARRANTY" this is not true. They never replaced it. The customer service rep is very abrasive and unfriendly. It is my worst online purchase experience.
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