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SAMS Club - Bad Experience

  • by   Mar 30, 2008
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Company SAMS Club
Location Pensacola, Florida
Category Health and Beauty
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I arrived for my eye exam promptly, but stood at the counter for 15 min before any one would acknowledge me. Two workers sat 5 feet from the counter but would not make eye contact or speak.

Finally one asked if I was there for an eye exam (she knew all along) and gave me a clipboard of paperwork to fill out which was frustrating since I would have been finished.

Then seated where you buy eyewear she told me to take out my contacts. No sink to wash my hands, no contacts case to store them, no solution. I told her I didn't have a case and she asked why I didn't bring one. I finally convinced her to let me borrow one of theirs (this is an optical store and there are literally hundreds of them) and to let me wash my hands.

She took me to a side room with a sink and I asked her where the exam would be because I could not see any rooms with exam equipment. She refused to tell me and I told her I wasn't taking out my contacts without knowing where I was going because I'm legally blind without them. She said I should have brought glasses. I asked again and she said she'd have to get the doctor.

I won't make a complaint against the doctor because he warmed up after a while, but who knows what she said to him.

The kicker is this Sam's has eye exams two day's a week so I don't see how anyone could be exhausted from dealing with patients. I was there 45 mins. The exam took 6 mins and there were never any more patients during that time.

I'll pay the extra $50 for the professionalism of a doctors office next time.


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Jan 29 
I purchased 2 pair of bifocals from sams about 6 months ago and asked for their best scratch resistant lenses - paid a premium.
After about 2 months the lens on my every-day glasses were scratched worse than the lens I had for the previous 4 years. I complained and was told I was cleaning them wrong, but I used the lense wipes Sam's optical dept sales. Was told I should wash the lens before using the wipes - doesn't make any sense.
I do not recommend purchasing glasses from Sams
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Aug 05, 2013  from Fort Collins, Colorado
I called to ask if the optical department at Sams Club in Fort Collins, CO would accept my insurance and was assured that they would but when I got there they refused to accept my insurance (EyeMed/United Healthcare). The optical department manager was not too nice about it. I insisted that the store manager be called and when he arrived and listened to what had ocurred he stated -- to my own surprise -- that his wife had been treated the same way only the day before. He ordered the optical department manager to give me twenty five dollars from his cash register and stood there until this had been done. The optical department manager complained that it was all the fault of eye doctors who owned the insurance companies and would not cover independent optometrists. The store manager replied: "You should have told the customer that when he called to find out if you would accept his insurance." :upset
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Jul 05, 2013 
This is a typical story of sam's optical that I can vouch for
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Feb 21, 2013  from Marietta, Georgia
I went to Sam’s Club in Marietta, GA for my progressive glasses. When they came I could see close up but not see far away. I was told to take them home and try them for a while. After a week or so I was still not able to see well so I went back and they adjusted them. They said the glasses matched the prescription and if I have to come back again I would need to see the doctor. A few days later I called and made an appointment to see the doctor. I had just broken ankle and had surgery to have a plate and six screws put in. I circled around the parking lot for a handicapped spot and realized my husband had taken my scooter out of the back of my van. It took me a while to get from the parking lot back to the optical department. When I got there I was told the doctor had gone to lunch because I was late for my appointment. I was a little surprised and looked at my watch and I was seven minutes late! I said I’m sorry I’m seven minutes late but it took me a while to get into the store from the parking lot and pointed to my injured foot. She said just a minute and went into the back. The doctor came out in her coat and said she couldn’t see me because I was late. I told her I would make another appointment. Then she continued to tell me that she “could” see me but that I was making her late for her lunch. I told her she didn’t have to be rude and I would make another appointment. Of course I didn’t intend to make it with her. She then told me I was rude for not... Show more
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Jan 14, 2013  from Springfield, Missouri
I went to the Optical at Sam's Club in Springfield, MO. They got me in, in a matter of minutes because I had called and made an appointment. The staff was very nice to me. The eye doctor was a real goofball cracking jokes from the time he came to get me for the exam. My fiance was there and he was also laughing the entire time. I guess I got lucky at my Sam's Club. The women were very helpful the prices were decent and the doctor had me laughing all the way out the door. Nothing but smiles. It really depends on location.
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May 14, 2012 
:cry My experience is too long to put here, but today I left over &300.00 worth of food on the floor because I could not get satisfaction at the customer service desk due to the incompetence of the customer service department in the billing department. I have been trying to deal with these people for 2 years now and end up with my card being canceled (due to their errors) and no credit. I really needed this shopping and I am so upset I can't even talk on the phone yet. Spitting Mad.
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Mar 09, 2012 
CRESTWOOD, MO location - I guess by reading these reviews, it is probably a good thing that I couldn't even get my Sams Club to answer their phone to schedule an appointment. Needless to say, I went elsewhere. I guess that says a lot about their customer service
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Feb 11, 2012 
I too had an aweful experience with the Sam's club Optical in Fort Collins, CO. The staff is rude, not helpful at all. This was my first time buying glasses and I needed help finding a style for my face and I did not know much about lenses. Let me tell you no one was helpful and they continued to try to sell me the most expensive lenses even though they are only reading glasses I will wear occasionally. I will never shop there again.
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Nov 24, 2011 
My wife and I had prescription glasses with Nikon lenses at Sams 2 years ago and we were very very impressed that the glasses were the best we ever had (it was the first experience w/ Sams). But this year, my glasses was a the WORST of all pairs I ever had. I had Zeis lenses, which was recommended by the employee, and I thought it was the lenses, so I exchanged/upgraded to Nikon, which cost a bit more plus $10 fee for redoing it even though I purchased the frame from them. This upgraded pairs turned out to be the same - the WORST pairs. So I'm stuck with it and just sitting idle wasting my money. The lenses has very narrow frustrum for reading and I had to move my head in order to be able to read. These pairs are sitting idle and I am using my old pairs. There was definitely a quality issue in craftmanship. I will go see my doctor next month and asked him to check my rubbish glasses.

BTW, when I exchanged the glasses, there were 2 other people in line to return theirs for refund. A lady said that her doctor told her that the glasses were not made according to the prescription. The Sams' employee tested it and confirmed her doctor was correct and told the lady that they will redo it, but the lady did not want and asked for a refund. These should have alarmed me to get a refund instead of upgrading the lenses, but I was thinking my issue was related to the lense brand.

Save your money and importantly your eyes - go somewhere else.
We will
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May 23, 2013  from College Station, Texas
I would be interested to know which Sams in Texas.
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Nov 02, 2011 
I would like to say that I agree with the person who said it depends which Sam's Club you go to. I have to say that the Sam's in Daphne, Al has great service. The Dr spends time with each person and explains everything in detail. The staff is always friendly.
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Oct 24, 2011 
Taylor Michigan Sams Club Optical-
First off I went there and paid 103 dollars for a contact lens exam, I have worn lenses before mind you, so they ordered me 2 trial pairs, I tried them, they did not fit my eye, so I went back, took them 2 weeks to order more, same problem with these lenses as well, rotating in my eye, I went back again and they contact lenses may not be for me even though I have worn them before, so they ordered another pair, while ordering these I said i wanted to buy a pair of glasses as well for when i dont feel like wearing contacts, I paid 202.00 for a pair of glasses, I called the day they were supposed to be ready which was 2 weeks later. They were not in, supposedly they failed inspection so it would be 3 days they say, They call me 3 days later saying that yet again they failed inspection, give it a week they say, so a week later I call back, nope, they are not in, it says give them a few more days, so I call back, Oh they didnt pass coating inspection AGAIN!!!! So here it is todays date, they guaranteed the glasses in, I call them, Nope not in, So I get a little antsy telling them that this is the 5th time I have been told this. Well they say it is not their fault, something is up with Sams Club Optical. DONT GO THERE, they apparently cannot fit you appropriately for contact lenses and never get your glasses, I have been waiting nearly a whole month.
I am a very dissatisfied customer.
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Jul 29, 2011 
This is the worst experience ever! The woman was rude and had a bad attitude. She promised to call me when the lens are ready but she failed to do so. When I called she cared more about missing her lunch. It was 10am in the morning! Anyone who does not want to spend money for bad experience, please stay away from this store!
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Jul 20, 2011 
I was a Sam's club cardholder and I trusted the store's integrity but no more. They have resorted to sneaky tricks to rip you off, i.e. water filled sponges in their chicken beast packaging, 24 hour expiration dates, deceiving packaging (low quality meat cut hiding beneath prime cuts), replacement of high quality to low quality products to improve their margins. That Samsung dvd player is junk (had one replaced the 2nd is just as bad, 6 month disposables. I've found other wholesale outlets that I trust. I just hope Walmart's greed at the expense of their best customers leads to their stock market decline along with management bonuses. They had it all but got too greedy!
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Oct 04, 2010 
After my bad Sam's Club Optical experience (see #3) gnawed at me for three months, I decided to go back to the Sam's store and complain to the manager and not discuss it with the optical department person any further. He called over to optical and asked what the story was with my complaint. After he hung up he told me to go to the optical department and they would take care of me. When I got there I was glad to see that the gentleman who told me there was nothing they could do for me and have a nice day three months ago was no longer working there. The manager in the optical department said they would replace the lens in my glasses at no charge to me. That made me happy but I still will not ever go back to Sam's for anymore of my eyeglass needs. I should not have had to fight this problem with their defective eyeglasses in the first place.
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Sep 16, 2010 
It doesn't matter where you go to shop for your vision care. There are bad private doctor's too. It all depends on the staff no matter where you go. Sam's Club has so many stores that there are bound to be horror stories. To base your view on Sam's optical from what you see here is just ignorant.
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Sep 10, 2010 

victim B. 1 Young Chum Od - Sam's Club Vision Ctr


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Jun 23, 2010 
Sam's optical is alright as long as you never have a problem with their glasses. I bought a pair of eyeglasses there 9 months ago and the coating they put on their glasses is peeling off. I have never seen that happen to any glasses in my entire life. They only guarantee their shoddy work for 60 days so be sure to read the fine print before you buy and hope you don't have a problem with your purchase. They offered me a 10% discount to fix their poor workmanship which would end up costing me $200.00 on top of what I already paid for the glasses. Needless to say my wife and I have bought our last pair of glasses from Sam's Club. There are too many other choices out there.
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Mar 15, 2010 
:) I have been to my Sams twice for ser vice and both times was treated respectfully and the Dr. was a great guy, great mood, professional, smart, and attentive. The clerks were all very nice and seemed well educated. Go to the club in Roseville, Mi for good service!
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Dec 02, 2009  from Mirzapur, Dhaka
The doctor at my Sams was actually complaining to me. I took my daughter in there to have her eye exam and he was definitely annoyed at something. Me being a rather jolly guy most of the time, I made a little fun of his attitude in stead of making a complaint. The doctor immediately loosened up and was joking along with me. He said he was in such a crappy mood as he was waiting to get out of that company and go to a private practice. He said he took the job at Sams as he was trained in the Navy and most of the big private practices hire doctors out of big medical schools. Anyway, i dont know much about that, but he was seeming to make goo reason for his wanting to leave sams. He said that he has to work 6 days a week and has to divide his time between 2 or 3 Sams Clubs or Wal Marts per week. he obviously makes less tha a doctor at a private practice or even a lerge clinic. So I guess I kinda felt bad for him. He was so grateful to my good attitude that he had the manager waive my $50 sitting fee as a "customer service" issue. He turned out to be a realy cool guy and I hope he gets the job at the private practice he was looking for , He was very thourough and made my daughter feel very comfortable. He even gave me a recomendation to a friend of his for the eyeglass perscription. Ok, so I guess this is a complaint . SAMS CLUB sucks so bad, that their employees even refer busiensss away!
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