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Sallie Mae Consumer Advocate Unit

Company Sallie Mae
Product / Service Student Loas And Credit Bureau
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Category Education
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Monetary Loss

Call Consumer Advocates @ Sallie Mae and ask to speak with:

Mr. Ryan Allabaugh @ (888) 545 - 4199 x 6054.

How long before Sallie Mae will remove a PAID student loan from the credit bureaus......well mine is going on 33 years!!!

The statute is 7 years according to the FTC, FDIC, the credit bureaus policy, the US Govt., the credit card organizations, the consumer boards and every attorney I have spoken to.

But, Sallie Mae's Consumer Advocate Unit and one of their employees, Mr. Ryan Allabaugh, who can be reached at:

(888)545 - 4199 x 6054

tells me that my loan must remain on all the credit reports for another 7 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, 33 years of credit bureau reporting is not enough and Sallie Mae is going to make an example out of me, by holding my feet to the fire for 40 years!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, and guess what......the loan is already paid!

So, if anyone out there in Cyber Land would like their student loans to remain on their credit reports (4 bureaus that Sallie Mae reports to) for 40 years, like mine............

be sure that you call Sallie Mae and ask to speak with:

Mr. Ryan Allabaugh @ (888) 545 - 4199 x 6054.

Make that call today for help with your student loan call Sallie Mae and ask to speak with:

Mr. Ryan Allabaugh @ (888) 545 - 4199 x 6054. 2f20b20

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Nov 02, 2013 
Sallie Mae is a disgrace....they can 't even do Book Keeping 101...they are a scam and causing heartaches for all the students and parents trying to pay their loans each month. It Sallie Mae continues to screw up!
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