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Saia Motor Freight Line Damaged the shipment & left a $2300.00 in losses!

Product / Service Xerox Docucolor 12
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Category Shipping
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Monetary Loss

Three (03) Color Copiers totally damaged by SAIA Motor Freight.
This incident is very clear that the units were shipped well secured with metal strap bands and well packaged when left the Xerox warehouse in OH.
The units weight over 500lbs each and there would not be any card board that would have hold that weight if the pallet is dumped like they were. All the pictures are clear that a total mishandle of the cargo and SAIA needs to honor the responsibility.
I've contacted the shipper who guarantees that they deliver a perfect equipment well packaged to the SAIA driver and they claim that they are not responsible for the mishandling of the shipment.
In 8 years in business i've never seem so many equipments arriving with so much damage and pieces held together by tape. A total of $2300.00 in damages and SAIA wants to pay only $165 Claim Pro Number # 00619116450-5
A new law has to be put in place that holds those companies liable for their actions. 2ed1a24

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Jan 24, 2012 
We have an almost indentical porblem with Saia. They shipment five skids in bound to our facility, one of which the equipment literally crushed. An exception was taken at the time of delivery and they sent an inspector out.
Weeks later we received a check for $55 for $1000 in damage. They hide behind a limited liability in their tarrif even though we declared and paid for $4000 on insurance on the Bill of Lading.

We fought with them for months to no avail. We refused to pay the invoice for the shipment.

We would gladly entertain particapation in a Class Action Lawsuit agaisnt Saia
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Aug 25, 2011 
exactly the reason I left saia after 13 years with them.The management's ideas of running this company completely at odds with the way I was taught to take care of customers. I would not ship anything with them if they had the last truck on earth.Sorry to hear about your experience with them but believe me you are not alone.
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