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Safelite Auto Glass - The best you don't know

  • by   Dec 10, 2013
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Company Safelite Auto Glass
Product / Service Employee Experience
Category Auto
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Hi everyone.So I work at safelite we'll I hope I still am I'm on suspended as of now it's a long story but it's my fault people do things in life to survive I dident hurt anyone but myself I guess.

I wanted to say thank you to safelite and all the grate customers I have had. Even tho Might be caned soon I will always say and tell people that safelite has been the best place to work at and to be apart of something so big is very rewarding to me they helped me in so meany was I'm thankful for them letting me be apart of them. Safelite is there to help there customers any way they can. They take auto glass very serious and because it is a big safety part of there customers car.

I love going to work to fix someone's car and know that they will be happy to be back to normal soon. I take pride in doing a safe install for my customer as do safelite as a company. I go to work and do the best of what I do and couldn't do it without safelite by my side. To know that I could be saving someone's life one day because I did everything right in installing a windshield the right way is very rewarding to me.

I know there bad eggs at every compony and you have to *** them out and that's a good thing safelite dose so all customers are treated with respect and gets a safe satisfied job done on there car. Safelite is by far the best company out there for the job. They care about there customers and there cars because it's the right thing to do and not be like Joe Schmo and just slap a window in there's a lot more then just that to a install. People don't see what's underneath the window and that's where a safe install starts .

Safelite trains there tecs how to do a safe and by the book install I don't think any other compony dose that for there tecs. Sometimes parts take a little time to get because of available and not everyone knows what the need for there car like heated w/s rain sensor stuff like that some people don't even know what kind of car they even have. No one is perfect and instead of getting mad at any company take time and work with people to get what you need. Put your self in the same place sometimes things go wrong that's life but things can also be fixed.

And remember that sometimes the things you say and do can really mess up someone's life and job so please be aware of that when you do.Thank you from Skyler tec Id# 673 2e76d43

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Dec 10, 2013  from Chantilly, Virginia
"Even tho Might be caned soon " Wow! I've seen some tough companies but this is crazy! Caning! I thought that was only in other countries.
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