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Safelite Auto Glass - Safelite is NOT an American Company!

Company Safelite Auto Glass
Product / Service Auto Glass
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Service Centers and Customer Services
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Safelite is NOT an American-owned Company! It was sold to a foreign conglomerate 4 years ago. It is owned by Belron (British Company). Belron, in turn, is owned by a Dieteren, a Belgin Company. Therefore Safelite is a Belgin Company, not American.

Safelite contracts with insurance companies (that is probably how you heard of them). Your insurance company wants you to use Safelite because they are cheap. As you can see from the customer service reviews, the quality of their work is suspect.

Every dollar that goes to Safelite, puts your local auto glass company out of business. Buy local.


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Jul 04, 2010 
Typo. Of course I meant the United STATES of America.
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Jul 04, 2010 
Really? That's odd, because if it wasn't for Safelite, I wouldn't have a job. I happen to be American, not Belgian.

Oh, and by the way, the Safelite glass factory is located in North Carolina. Which last I heard, is a state located in the United State of America.

So seriously, stop writing nonsense.
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May 28, 2010 
i work 4 safelite they have thousands upon thousands of job here in us so its benefiting here
Reply to avl

Apr 11, 2010 
but there is no glass company that eployees more americans. if you feel you could give all these folks better jobs then you do that. until then leave it to the leader in auto glass replacement and repair in the world.
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Apr 03, 2010 
I understand most of Safelites glass comes from China. XYG, Xinyi brand. What % of Safelites glass comes from China compared to that produced in USA ? And I mean what % of glass volume not cost.
Reply to Mandy

Apr 02, 2010 
All the glass Safelite uses is made here in America so stop your bashing of a company that employs Americans
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Mar 09, 2010 
Budweiser isn't AMERICAN anymore either! Owned by a Belgium Co. InBev SA !
Reply to Ted

Mar 07, 2010 
The jobs they create are being filled my Americans. The charities they give to are American charities which help Americans. And the company pays taxes here in -- you guessed it: America.

Since when did Patriotism become ideological fanaticism to the extent that one becomes a blathering ***? The nation needs commerce right now, and Americans need jobs. And if you do any REAL research about this company, you'll find that they have a lot to be proud of - not only as a business, but also in our local communities. They really try, which is something I respect. No company always gets it perfect, and all of us are trying to grow as people, but patriotism and love of country has nothing to do with bashing others. Ever.

I'm an American war veteran who is employed by Safelite. I don't appreciate the hate-mongering that you tried to wrap around our sense of nationalism with this senseless post. You want to beat your competition? Do it through good customer service. But this was lame, low and not a good demonstration of the values we all need to stand by in these trying times.

Please think.

- An American with a Job.
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Mar 03, 2010 
Yes, we are owned by a company based overseas. Belron is the world's largest vehicle glass repair and replacement company. They have operations in 31 countries across five continents. As you can imagine, that allows us to have unparalleled access to research and resources to make our company even better!

We at Safelite AutoGlass are based in Columbus, OH and employ more than 9,000 people across the nation! It's definitely the best of both worlds - we can think global and act local!

Our glass and materials also meet or exceed all federal guidelines and we offer our own in-depth certification process. This committment to quality and safety is generally what differentiates the competition.

We are also committed to customer service excellence, which includes a national lifetime warranty that is unmatched by any competitor. We are the only company to offer national coverage, which means that wherever our customers travels take them, they are covered!
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