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Safelite Auto Glass - BEWARE of Safelite Autoglass!!!!!!

Company Safelite Auto Glass
Product / Service Safelite Auto Glass
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Service Centers and Customer Services
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I am a former employee of Safelite Autoglass, I was not fired or terminated.I worked for their Sacramento CA and locally here in the DFW area and quit my job there because of their poorly trained techs.

basically I got tired of cleaning up after people who had no business replacing auto glass, I WOULDN'T LET ONE OF THEM FIX MY BYCICLE to put it softly. A brief point I want to make is that I have the credentials to say what I am saying now with 10 years in the glass business management and installing. They manufacture their own glass and it is of very poor quality as an installer I had countless incidents of parts not fitting correctly or breaking during installation. I will keep it short by explaining the training these armatures are working with, they have a turn and burn process and put guys that start with no experience and train them for a 90 day period and throw them out on their own to fix your vehicle, are you comfortable with that?

Note the proper replacement of your windshield could be the difference between life and death, you airbags depend on your windshield to operate and in the event of a head on collision or vehicle roll over you could be killed by an improper replacement.

I have witnessed first hand that the adhesive they use is cheap and fails often, failing by not firmly adhering to the glass, trust me I am not a disgruntled employee by any means.I simply want people to do some research on safety and ask the right questions before choosing the company that will perform this service. 306ec0a

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Aug 16, 2013 
Yesterday, I had Safelite come out to repair a star. Now, I have an 8-inch crack. I understand it's glass, and that glass cracks, and that an amount of pressure is required to suck out debris and squirt in resin. But now I need a new windshield in a brand new car. I should have left it alone.
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Sep 30, 2012 
I work in hooksett, n.h for the moment, i'v worked at safelite for almost 3 years and let me tell you this place is a joke. its all about numbers, they rate you on everything. did he call you, did he wash all your windows, did he vacum your call. yeah i understand thats being pro but sometimes customers don't relize you done all the above and answer don't know. now you your numbers look bad, there goes your bonus. I got $1.63 raise in almost 3 years..what a joke (come monday i quit)
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Jun 27, 2011 
Glassman and the guy with the cute name, one says sika asap is junk and the other says dow is junk. Their the two best adhesives out. And Glassboy we're using asap+. I've been around longer than you, worked on the outside and now the inside of safelite. A lot of the stuff you about the company used to be true. But Sika??? I'll admit it was hard to used to coming from DOW, but it's stregth is far superior to DOW. Not that Dow is bad, it exceeds FMVSS but i'm sure i don't have to tell you that. All in all, I get it, you came through that company at it's absolute worst. You have every right to hate safelite for how they WERE. But don't blanket the current quality techs with your outdated insults.
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Apr 20, 2011 
Safelite is a joke owned by a foriegn company. The dow they use is garbage as is the glass and moldings. Their motto is just get the job done while using inferior products. They dont give a *** about their employees or them earnig a decent wage. At Safelite 40 hours does not exist. So unless you suck your manager off you are *** out of luck. AS I said the company is a total joke.
Reply to mike hunt

Jan 20, 2011 
To correct the individual commenting on the time I worked for Safelite Autoglass. I worked for the company close to 3 years. I have been in the Glass Business for 11 years now. To address your question about the sealant being of poor quality, I did mention that the products the company used were of poor quality as well as most of the techs they employ being of poor qaulity. Do some research before being so quick respond with negative insults and comments. The adhesive they currently use is Sika ASAP. The adhesive I currently use is made by Dow Automotive, research both companies and you will find that the adhesive I use is the prefered adhesive by the vehicle manufacturer. So anyone willing to bring facts to the table when commenting will be respected. Ask around, Saflite techs are the laughing stock of the industry among the true professionals in the business. If you want to use Safelite it your business, you never know I may be the guy you call when you need it done correctly. Thank you have a nice day.
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Jan 19, 2011 
Glassman234 you worked for them for 10 years and it's obvious you never once let the company know their glass and sealant were low quality or they would have looked into it. You're full of *** and you stuck it out there 10 years? That doesn't add up to anything to me other then you was one of them worthless workers that most likely got fired for being a loser.
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Jan 19, 2011 
Glassman234 you worked for them for 10 years and it's obvious you never once let the company know their glass and sealant were low quality or they would have looked into it. You're full of *** and you stuck it out there 10 years? That doesn't add up to anything to me other then you was one of them worthless workers that most likely got fired for being a loser.
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Jan 11, 2011 
thanks for all of your imput. some have commented that Saflite Auto Glass are the premier this and that or use the best products blah, blah,. hey think what you will about them, but consider your knowledge v/s mine in the glass business. your insurance company uses them to save money. how do you think they make money? hey it's not your fault, your just the consumer, it's your business if you choose BullS*T as part of your diet, it your vehicle not mine thats all i will say for now. underpaid, unhappy techs, that are certified by saflite and the test is a breeze trust me somone with the 90 days training they provide are nothing more than rookies at best and they have 3 chances to pass the test of which they are given the answers to study for the 90 day period. how hard could it be.
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Jan 11, 2011 
Reply to JEFF

Jan 01, 2011 
I work for Safelite in Texas and I let senior tech's as well as trainees do a repair and a replacement on my vehicle. They both came out GREAT! Not to mention our LIFETIME ownership warranty. I recommend our services to family and friends. And, YES, our tech's are certified and trained.
Reply to Current Safelite Employee

Aug 26, 2010 
I just got my windshield replaced by Safelite today. I was quite impressed with my tech who had 13 years of experience. My insurance company, USAA, referred me to them. I trust USAA and if they had problems USAA would be all over them. I think some of you may have had bad techs. Like any place, there are always a bad apple or two. Just make sure your tech knows what he's doing.
Reply to Bill

Jul 07, 2010 
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Jul 05, 2010 
Glassman234... What a load of absolute nonsense! Safelite gives the Tech's proper training and also makes sure they are certified with the knowledge to make an installation a safe and convenient one. You are without a doubt angry with Safelite for employment issues. You obviously wern't good enough to *** the business or you wouldn't have taken the time to be so spiteful. I'm glad you don't work here anymore! C-ya
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May 19, 2010 
The bottom line is this: Safelite IS the premier auto glass repair and replacement company in the country. Not all glass used by Safelite is manufactured by Safelite. The glass Safelite does manufacture, and all that it uses, meets or EXCEEDS DOT specifications. SIKA brand adhesives, the installation adhesive Safelite uses, is agruably the best available and the easily the most expensive. Safelite's Repair process and materials are as advanced as you will find in the industry. Safelite can afford to, and does, invest in the best. Being the largest company in the country, and no more prone to mistakes and accidents than any other company you will find, take comfort in the fact that Safelite has the best nationwide warranty available. Take what you hear on these websites with a grain of salt and question why someone who was so displeased working for a company, did so for 25 yrs.
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Apr 01, 2010 
Thanks for the warning. I was considering calling them for a chip repair and decided to research them first. I wanted to see their business track record, what materials they used, how they did repairs, the quality of workmanship, and how they treated customers.
Reply to Josh

Mar 25, 2010 
I worked for this company for 25yrs. Wouldn't let them wash my car much less install anything that is part of the safety of my vehicle. Awful company to work for...our motto was "what does it take to be an installation tech? Blood in your veins and a cutout knife...
Reply to 25yr Safelite Employee

Feb 18, 2010 
thanks for coming foward , they screwed my windshield up big time ,but they live in denial, they think they do perfect work ,,LOL...getting over on women customers...they will never touch anything I own again..
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