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Safelink Wireless - TRACFONE minutes not received!

  • by   May 31, 2012
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Company Safelink Wireless
Product / Service Motorala W175
Location Buffalo, New York
Category Cellular Phone
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I have not received my safelink minutes for a few months as of late.What do I have to do to receive them?

I cannot get them through my prepaid sight on my tracfone, and no one has contacted me. Please phone me and let me know the answers I need to resolve these probems. Thank You, Mary Muth.................(716)-707-2116 home phone............(585)-689-1222......... tracfone #.

Why can't I get my monthly minutes like others? Will I have to get a newer phone, so as to avoid this hassle every month?

Do I have to go somewhere else?Please contact me on my home phone number, anytime. 2db2097

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Dec 05, 2013  from Diboll, Texas
6. If you still do not have your minutes after waiting a little while, call Safelink customer service

This works 100%. Just follow the instructions
Reply to Big Matt

Aug 02, 2013  from Boston, Massachusetts
I also didn't receive the 250 minutes I was supposed to get but got only 20 minutes instead! What gives?! I need the 250 for texting and emergencies, etc.. Yet I recently purchased a TracFone 60min. card and accidentally scratched off most of the digit numbers in the code...I can't buy minutes directly from my phone because I lack a credit card or debit card, so and I don't want to call TracFone to complain..So what should I do? Email me at coolkevin366@yahoo.com.. Thank you.
Reply to Kevvy

Jul 03, 2013 
I buy minutes for my tracfone but when I give promo number they say its outdate bs shows there good till 2013 and I still aint got them for last 4 months I buy 200 mins a month...What and how can I get the promo minutes for phone please reply
Reply to Mad Customer

Nov 21, 2012 
i used to get mine on the 1rst, now they seem to come when they want to, and the 555 promo code doesnt work anymore. why would they give unreliable phones to people who need them. smh :(
Reply to damien

Oct 11, 2012 
No minuets for my safe link phone. Guess it is back to pre paid Straight Talk and Wal Mart Safe link is dieing. :(
Reply to Mumbai Hawk

Sep 22, 2012 
I haven't recieved my minutes yet either and it's the END OF THE MONTH! I wanted to see how far I'd have to wait til I had to call them again. This is the FOURTH MONTH IN A ROW I've had to call them for NOT recieving my minutes.
Reply to Cora Newbold

Sep 18, 2012 
I have a safelink tracfone as well, and not only have I not gotten My minutes, I was supposed to have "300 additional minutes" when I got it for getting it through my insurance company. Well the phone said "81 minutes" when I got it (a FAR cry from the 550 I was supposed to have in total) and it said "call customer care to complete transaction" so I did, well the recording said my phone needed some codes to work properly and had me do a code entry-THE CODES READ "invalid" EVERYTIME I entered them and all the recording did was repeat it over and over, as if though I was an *** who didn't know how to enter numbers correctly. I called to talk to a person and they said "we'll check it out and call you back" that was a week ago, and after numerous calls that's the only response I get. Yeah yeah "it's free" but still, this is the emergency phone for my daughter who has health issues and needs to be able to call 911 or me at any time-do much for that!!!
Reply to Tasha

Aug 07, 2012 
bought minutes last month didnt get min.for aug cant afford now put all kinds of codes in last month thanx to cust.serv.now what
Reply to tina mccutcheon athens al.

Aug 07, 2012 
bought minutes last month didnt get min.for aug cant afford now put all kinds of codes in last month thanx to cust.serv.now what
Reply to tina mccutcheon

Jun 06, 2012 
:cry I failed to get my Safelink minutes this month, June 6, 2012. I tried to manually to download them according to Safelink website instructions. That didn't work. The link to contact them by email didn't work either. I don't have enough minutes left to call them. Now I guess I have to purchase a cell phone plan I can't afford.
Reply to Safelink left me with no phone

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