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Safelink Wireless - Safelink Verify

Company Safelink Wireless
Product / Service Cell Service
Location Parish, New York
Category Cellular Phone
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You can have cell service 2 years with Safelink and when you move and try to verify your eligibility and address and because they can not verify your street address they turn your service off and will not work with you in anyway. The program is for the homeless who does not have a street address and low income family the joke is on those people. At one time i would told everybody that know about safelink cell phone service but not anymore,I will tell the low income family now safelink treat them after have there cell service for two years and when they can not verify your address they will turn your service.Even when you get food stamps and medicaid 2ef2dc0

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Nov 29, 2013 
If your phone breaks.The charger dock broke. I can't charge the phone. Can't get anything but a recording over the phone. help
Reply to pissed

Oct 31, 2013 
hi I filled my application out on the 29 of October and its still pending how long does it take I need a phone I don't make enough to by one
Reply to kathy

Oct 16, 2013 
I ran out of minutes, and RECOREDED a call tosafe link, and after 15 minutes on a PRE-PAID phone, And telling the guy repeatedly that I wass not near a pay phone or A STORE, he put anothewr ass___ on the phone to waste anothe r5 minutes. Now that I got a ride to wendy's, I got on line and couldn't gert to be re-certified.
IU did get a chat started, which i saved to my computer, which was terminated after only one response.

The crumiest tech service in the nation!

Excuse me. According to the accents of the agents, they are DEFINITELY NOT in the usa, nor are they fluent in english.
I don't call for tech support just to educate those bums in the correct pronunciation of the english language
Reply to madashell

Aug 29, 2013 
i have had my phone for 3 months and they cant get it programed to work no matter what they do. i told them to take it an stick where the sun dont shine :(
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Aug 28, 2013 
I am trying to verify my phone and it keeps tell me it can't find my information . :(
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Aug 14, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Every 1st of each month I have to personally call Safelink to have them put my so called automatic minutes on. It's a joke. Each time they have a different excuse like my birth-date is not my own. This didn't happen when I first got the phone. Now I can't do my annual verification because their system doesn't recognize my enrollment i.d. which has always been the same that I know it by heart. The same thing happened last year. I am homeless and have to find a phone to use each month to get this *** straightened out to no avail. Very poor service. I have pages of notes with ticket numbers, the foreigners I've had to talk to and what was told to me. This is not a joke. It's plain ***!!! :upset :upset :( :(
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May 22, 2013  from Marcellus, New York
Forget about ever calling Safelink, you just CANNOT GET THROUGH to a real person to talk to. They just want to give you the Royal Runaround. Just find another cell phone program to go to. Or, just go out and buy a TracFone. You're better off getting one of those phones. I'm NOT kidding either.
Reply to Really PO'd

Mar 01, 2013  from Columbia, Missouri
waiting for my min..... we are surpose to recieve them on the 1st of the month. wth... no min.. no calls...
Reply to crapolla

Apr 05, 2013  from Gardiner, New York
good call, It's the Ancient Aliens fault! love it!
Reply to honny

Nov 29, 2012 
i move to michigan from fla safelink will not let me verify or change my address what a bunch of ***. :? unhappy in mi USA
Reply to william d pierce

Nov 27, 2012 
basically same bull with safe link every mouth verify eligabilty,whenever minutes are surrpose to automaticaly roll on;but they don,t until we verify.
Reply to tsells@gmail.com

Nov 17, 2012 
i cant get on the web site to verify my moms phone stuff keeps popping up for surveys what a crock does anyone know how to get to the web site without all this ***
Reply to donna

Nov 16, 2012 
Where do u verify for these phones? 8) 8)
Reply to ru

Nov 07, 2012 
I had completed the annual verification as of November 2,2012. I have yet to receive my monthly minutes. I have not been able to talk to anyone for the last several days. I have called the technical support number for days. I think the problem is they have not changed my old address to the new one. Can anyone out there help me?
Reply to Mary Altheide

Nov 06, 2012 
:zzz hello im beyonce (the famouz one)
Well my daughter emoney saying that her safelink people keep on calling her old phone cause she is now 9 years old

(Fanz) hit me up at 3898069 CALL ME
Reply to Beyonce

Aug 25, 2013  from Allendale, Michigan
if you were famous you wouldnt need this for you or your kid....bwhhahahahahaha dumbass
Reply to nikki jackson

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