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Safelink Wireless - Recertification

Company Safelink Wireless
Product / Service Free Cellular Service
Category Cellular Phone
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I received a call from Safelink saying I needed to recertify.When I called them, I was told I didn't need to do it now, that I had until October to do it.

I called the technical support number and was told the original number I had already called and they couldn't tell me what the heck was going on or WHY I had received a call telling me to recertify. THEN to make it all BETTER (sic), I had purchase extra minutes when my son was in the hospital and they took my extra minutes and did not roll them over after 3 mos. I purchased these myself. It should not have affected rollover on minutes I had purchased myself.

They said it would affect the 250 minutes I got from them, not ones PURCHASED BY ME.So to say I'm unhappy with Safelink, is putting it mildly. 2f0f0d0

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Nov 12, 2013 
This is the most *** service I have ever seen. First of all it's the sorriest phone and don't work half the time. When it does work they're looking for the previous number holder. They won't replace it. I recertified it already yet I got a another recertify it request today. I went online clicked about 10 different recertify places, none of them worked. They are ripping off the government. It would be no great loss if I lost the ***-poor service. L L Texassix
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