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Safelink Wireless - didn't get no minutes on my cell phone

  • by   Feb 06, 2011
  • Review #: 220177
Company Safelink Wireless
Product / Service Trac Phone Lg
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Cellular Phone
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didn't get minutes on my cell phone first of month it's a trac phone lg i want to know why it's safelink and it's robert's it's a trac phone and model number is lg320g from janury 3 that's only time he got his free minutes after that nothing at all it's a sakelink i'm the one who order the phone for him to used i'm the only one with a laptop he want to know if he can get his minutes back on his phone or what can he do 30100a8

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Aug 17, 2012 
Dear miss Caroline from NC, Lokk hun u dont know everyone situation about needing their minutes on time, i happen to have a job and cant afford to pay for a cell phone, so just because u are one of the lucky ones that can afford everything u need, dont trash other ppl because u do not know their situation. Thanks.
Reply to PissedPerson

Jun 04, 2012 
I've had all of these same problems. My phone doesn't show add or redeem airtime. But this is how to get your minutes each month. You will have to have the use of a phone with minutes or a landline phone to do it, since it takes several minutes. Call 1-800-378-1684. Go through the menu options and choose the one that says if you've already tried redeeming mins and it hasn't worked. It will talk you through the code entry mode and you'll have to enter in several things. Once the codes are in you'll have your minutes. It's a pain in the ***, but you can still get your minutes this way. Hope this helps!
Reply to MrsBell

Apr 07, 2012 
*** *** *** n the worst is that in customer service they make you feel like you are worth nothing just because u cantafford a phone when they dont even know the situation u are going through. a waste of time for u to feel even worst about ur situation.
Reply to worthless person

Dec 03, 2011 
It is the 3rd of the month and I still hae not received my minutes either. It keeps saying system unavailable. And for any of you that try to tell me to go and get a job, I AM DISABLED and cannot work. I did not choose to get sick and disabled. Not everyone is trying to scam the system. I have to have this phone to keep in touch with my doctors.
Reply to cheryl

Dec 01, 2011 
i didnt get my mins for dec tried using my phone to get my mins didnt work
Reply to jerry dorminy

Nov 11, 2011 
u say personal attacks b deleted, the *** talkin @ the top bout freeloading, that person may have had their legs blown off n disabled serving the country 2 protect ur *** ***, stfu !!!
Reply to really?!?

Nov 02, 2011 
Does anyone have the blue Samsung cell phone? The one that doesn't have an "add airtime" option under "Menu"?

I'm trying to get this month's minutes, but so far I can't get to where I need to be...

Please, anyone have any ideas?

Please e-mail me at PlayitagainSam@aol.com if you can help me out here, I have no idea what I'm doing!

Thanks so much.
Reply to TaupinJohn

Nov 02, 2011 
Hey Leo, I did the same thing! I called my dad and said to hang up and let me call him back on my home phone...

About an hour later I realized that this phone doesn't turn off when it's simply closed... I wasted nearly 100 minutes for not knowing that (and I've done it since, just out of habit)! :eek
Reply to O'toole

Nov 02, 2011 
My phone doesn't have an "Add Minutes" option, it just isn't there... My minutes should have been added already (it's only the 2nd of the month).
Could they have discontinued me or something?
I gave that number to so many jobs I applied for and now I have 40 seconds left...
My phone is a Samsung, if that matters
Reply to TaupinJohn

Oct 19, 2011 
Wow, you people have a nerve going to Pissed Consumer. Consumers refer to paying customers, you my friends are leaches. Living off the government sitting on your fat ***. If you want your *** minutes so bad get a *** job and go to wal-mart and buy them. It's free and you are still complaining? Why do you feel like everyone owes you anything, let alone free *** cell phone minutes? If you want good service then pay for it!!!
Reply to Caroline

Mar 01, 2013  from Cincinnati, Ohio
miss caroline for your information not everyone is sitting on fat--- and getting afree phone from govt. i'm 62 worked from time i was 15 till became disabled verify by 7 dr. was made to go on disability after working all my life raised son by myself. i was married to a loser didn't have to get married.long storyshort worked 2 jobs at times never drew a dime from state, welfare or anyone else.i would love to have a smart phone can't afford . so know everyone isn't a free loader
Reply to carol

Apr 03, 2013  from San Jose, California
I know tha right Mrs. Carol... People like her you just have to ignore. They're specifically on this site to find something negative to say to people. Just plain ignorance if you ask me!... I respect every word you said and it was very brave of you to say it in response to a person like her. ,)
Reply to SlimG88

Oct 12, 2011 
:? I did the 555 thing it says System unavailable I need my minutes and nothing is happenign someone needs to fix it cause i need my minutes. Safelink it the 12th and i havnt gotten them any advice???
Reply to Deanna

Oct 05, 2011 
MY NAME IS TABITHA W and i am sooo mad right now i did'ent get my minutes either this month i have tried everything even the 555# and nothing workingif anyone could please help me and tell me what i'm doing wrong please email me at tabitha.webb97@yahoo.com :?
Reply to Tabitha

Oct 02, 2011 
Its the 2nd of the month and i still havent recieved my free minutes. i tryed the 555 thing and it keeps saying system unavailable and its 518 pm.
Reply to Mad

Sep 28, 2011 
It want give me my min and i am mad :( :(
Reply to kerria

Sep 06, 2011 
Reply to SIL

Sep 01, 2011 
the 555 thing works, it's the first and i didnt get them and did it and it worked...
Reply to paulin

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