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Safelink Wireless - Did not get my safelink minutes

Company Safelink Wireless
Product / Service Airtime Minutes
Location Temple, Pennsylvania
Category Cellular Phone
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Monetary Loss
Update added by user Mar 17, 2013
Since this posting, I have not had any problems. A few years have went by and this company has been great and I have been getting my minutes every month.
Original review posted by user Dec 10, 2010

I did not get my minutes added to my phone for December 2010.I called them and I was told the minutes were sent to my phone on December 01st.

I was supposed to receive 250 minutes. I got none added. They told me I must have used them when I know I didn't even get them. They Lied.

I tried to explain that even if they were sent to my phone, my phone did not register them or update my minutes total. They did not believe me.

They should read these reports that others have this problem too.I am pissed. 2d853a7

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Feb 02  from Columbus, Mississippi
I didn't get my mins for my phone and I did the 555 still nothing called and talked to customer they said they never reactivity the phone that's *** up :(
Reply to baby gurl

Jan 08 
i have not been getting my minnites when due
Reply to linda

Dec 17, 2013 
i didn't get my minutes for December I did the 555 thing and it says I have no pending updates
Reply to angel

Nov 05, 2013 
@ Regina. Thanks a lot! the number you gave worked great. I was about to go insane. i have no idea why they do this if one uses their phone for a call every month. Just go to add airtime on your phone and type in 555. it gave me 500 minutes in 2 second, when i get only 250 per month...weird. :x
Reply to Anonymous

Aug 15, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
i used to get my mins every month when i first got my phone but for a year now i have to call and call and call , never can get alive person,, i did luck up once and got a human and they put my mins on it ,,,, this month i can't get thru to no one , it's like this evey month , last month it was the 22nd before i got thru to the recording to get mins ,,, im just so disgusted ,, and i can't afford a cell phone , im livin off disability
can someone please tell me how i can talk to a live person about my problem
Reply to sweetface

Aug 06, 2013  from Eau Claire, Wisconsin
safe link will add the minutes but there's always something wrong with the tracfone so u need to call the tracfone and they'll fix the problem. I had the same problem and still am. they said something like you should delete your messages cuz that's what's causing the problem.
Reply to why

Nov 01, 2012 
I did not get my safelink minutes for November and 177 minutes was taken from me in October.Can you tell me what happen?
Reply to Cheryl Roberts

Oct 30, 2012 
i just Got my cell phone and its tell me there going To cut me off for good if i dont let them know about it realy soon :?
Reply to nicoleouimet

Sep 08, 2012 
my phone was stolen AT GUNPOINT! i e-mailed you and received no response. i then called and was told to buy a new tracfone ,which i did and called and activated(10 minutes?!?!?!)i then looked at my airtime info which states due date for my airtime is 10/07/2012.i mght be dead by then. please CORRECT THIS PROBLEM ASAP.that is two months away!.i am disabled,indigent and an eyelash from SSI
Reply to stephen dickerson

Sep 05, 2012 
I had same problem i just took battery out for while and put back in and pressed menu, prepaid, add airtime, 555,ok, no to promotional code and everything was fine. hope this helps anyone
Reply to Glenn

Sep 11, 2013 
awesome!!! it worked! thank u so much! =)
Reply to Anonymous

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