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Saen Higgins tax lien

Company Saen Higgins
Product / Service Tax Liens
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Finances
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Monetary Loss

Saen Higgins is a scam artist
His pitch over promises a bunch of lies claiming unbelievable results
His training is awful and they refuse to refund you when you tell them that more up to date info is available free on line
People like Saen Higgins should be banned from speaking publicly
In a recent presentation he said don't call the county because they don't care about you. Well he is the one one that does not care.
The county has the info on line and free training to my surprise.
Saen is a pier and a cheat yet the Trump company always invites him to speak to us. This is terrible and a complete shame 3006515

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Nov 09, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
I started this program, first thing he says is pay $5K for a representative to help you along, then he tells you to get a license then they refer you to another company then they request you to pay $3K to $4K for that then they tell you that you need an accountant and they transfer you to another company and you pay $2,500 for that and by the time your done, your down $10K and good luck at trying to buy properties after that. I told them I wanted my money back because I have no more money to buy any properties and they don't give a ***. They leave you broke......YEAH, WEALTH WITHOUT RISK MY ***. Here I am working another low paying job and paying rent on an apartment, which is what I didn't want......Don't buy into his promises and just do it yourself. I wish I could sue his *** so I can get my money back and start buying properties like I was promised.
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Jul 17, 2013  from Calgary, Alberta
I had the same experience....except to the tune of $12,000
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Feb 10, 2013  from Simi Valley, California
Well, not sure what everyone is upset about. Usually the ones who feel like they got ripped off are the LAZY ones. My total investment including the "Private Training" was $3,500.00. I got paid back on EVERY SINGLE LIEN I bought. BABY STEPS folks. It's like saying an MLM is a scam, no if you put in the WORK (scary word for most) it WILL pay off. All the information is free, except for a few counties that charge for the list of auctions. If you have the time to spend and an internet connection then stop whining and go make some money. Otherwise pay for someone to teach you. America, stop being lazy and work for it, nothing is get rich quick. And you rely on the GOVERNMENT to fix your little qualm with Saen...HAHAHAHA!
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Nov 08, 2013  from San Francisco, California
so true
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Oct 16, 2012 
Tina R. you said you are a student of sean higgins! I think that is great! I too got the book and the DVDs and i have been doing a lot of searching for the right info! So if you dont mind i would like to get in contact with you and just pick your brain! There are a lot of great liens out there and i think i need a push in the right direction!
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Aug 02, 2013  from Palm Springs, California
Lance, it's been 1 year since ur post...mind telling me briefly what that year's' been like?
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Oct 04, 2012 
This is hilarious! While you are *** about something you obviously know nothing about, I made $120,000 with with 1 tax lien that I learned about through Saen's course. Please keep spreading the rumor that this is a scam because it leaves more for us while you are at work 9-5.
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Mar 28, 2013 
I agree 100%. I knew someone who learned about tax deeds back in the early 80's, before the internet... and he owned 17 homes by the time he passed away (and he died young). Nevertheless, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have invested money and time, either. But, with the diligent research, it DOES pay off in spades. I bought my first home for $21,000 and sold it 30 days later for $43,000. If you take the real estate commission and minor fix ups out of the equation, I still made 75% on my investment. Also, the tax liens that pay interest are solid as they are backed through our own government laws and are immune to our economical/financial stock market ups and downs. It's worth it if you have the time to research and can delay the profits from coming in for about 4 months (on tax deeds). After that, it's a domino affect... and the money keeps building up in your portfolio.
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Nov 08, 2013  from San Francisco, California
pure freedom
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Oct 27, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
I Just went to the initial introductory training yesterday and was sold. I'm typically very sceptical and can smell fraud right away. I truly believe this a great investment and look forward to the three day training in the next two weeks. Sean and tony emphasize due diligence and I agree. Those who expect hand outs will fail. And like the comment above, keep spreading the rumor that this is a scam. More for the people who want to put in the work.
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Nov 22, 2013  from Barryville, New York
Well said!!!!! You can be well off financially, but you have to put effort into it. Saen is legit.
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Sep 07, 2012 
While I've had an interest in 'tax liens' for years, I've never followed up on it until last month. What I find is this: Nearest to me is Arizona, and in my mind to actually know what is going on I must visit AZ. Now, what I've learned is this, for me. 1)It requires a minimum of $500 to open an account in Maricopa Co AZ. All this is explained fully in their website www.treasurer.maricopa.gov/research. Follow every page, and learn what 'sub-taxes' are, as Subsequent taxes may require more money to be invested automatically. Life of the lien is three years so be prepared. Understand completely what you are doing. Also, Maricaopa County has customer reps on duty five days a week to help educate the consumer.
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Feb 02, 2013  from Mishawaka, Indiana
I am not sure what you were all expecting but I bought a few things from them and thought they were a great starting point. I have spent more on other people's similar products sense then and have done a lot of research as well. Of course there is competition but after have looked at hundreds of houses, I now own leins on five properties, with no regrets and cannot wait for the next round of auctions to arrive. As with anything, how well you do it is up to you, not up to the guy who gives you the overview. :)
Reply to Greg in Indy

Aug 01, 2012 
GUYS SERIOUSLY??? the book is only 20 bucks plus shipping and stuff. Its very informative for the start if you never knew tax liens. The rest is up to you, whehter you want training or take some extra time and do your own digging.
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Jun 21, 2012 
If you have been ripped off:Contact IC3.gov
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Jun 15, 2012 
Be advised! Everything that Sean Higgins offers can be obtained either on the web or through your local attorney for a lot less. Also there is a lot of competion for the tax lien-deed product that you will ever believe.It cost me over $18000.00, Bad mistake.
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Jun 12, 2012 
Hello, I am a student of the Sean Higgens program. First you have to look outside the box. Understand it takes money to make money and where there is a loser there is a winner. You CAN be that winner. I have 9 liens in Florida and 3 in Arizona and I just won an aution bid of 45 acres in Nevada for $5,000.00 free and clear. Be positive and patient and learn as much as you can. Remember any money you spend is a writeoff on your taxes!! Remember know when to say NO because there will always be someone in your pocket! I'm on fire & wish to show you to better understand. If the banks (and Sean)can make $$ so can YOU!!! Be blessed!!
Reply to Tina R.

Feb 20  from New York, New York
Hi Tina
I just got on Saen's program and paid $1500 to learn more and I placed it on my cc that I will start paying back immediately. Someone in their office already calls me for more money to put in for training, I decline because I don't have it like that, can you stair me in the right direction. I think they have a good program but just don't have the money.
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Jun 07, 2012 

Jun 02, 2012 
OK, let me get this straight. You watch an infomercial, and invest your 19.95 and get a book and 2 dvd's. You also get 30 day access to parts of a website, and you have the opportunity to watch seven 40-60 minute dvd's which give you much more information about a subject which you previously knew nothing about. And then, you are surprised when they want to charge you for more advanced training? Even though I am new to this, I have learned enough that I just found 11 over the counter tax liens on resort condos near Atlantic City which I am going to call about next week. Yes, there is a lot of "free" information available on the internet which you can find, but if I hadn't learned what I did from the introductory material I bought from Saen Higgins, the liens I found never would have crossed my path. You need to crawl before you can walk, and because of Saen I am walking much faster than I otherwise would have. And no, I don't know if I will be signing up for the advanced training, but if I can do OK on my own without it, I will be more willing to invest in the additional knowledge.
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some one who cares

i got saen higgins book for 19.95 but what they don't tell you is when you buy the book it only have a brife summery of the tax lien deals.then...

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