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Ryland Homes reviews, Ryland Homes complaints, read Ryland Homes reviews, find Ryland Homes reviews, Ryland Homes scam reports
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Industry: Home Construction and Repair
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  • 44 complaints
  • $132,390 claimed losses
  • $3,009 average
  • 12250 since Jan 28, 2008

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Ryland Homes
Main address: 24025 Park Sorrento # 400 91302-4018 Calabasas CA
(800) 638-1768, , http://www.ryland.com/home/contact-us.html
Ryland Homes reviews, Ryland Homes complaints, read Ryland Homes reviews, find Ryland Homes reviews, Ryland Homes scam reports
  • 44 complaints
  • $132,390 claimed losses
  • $3,009 average
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  • Apr 20
  • Aberdeen, Maryland
  • Poor Workmanship
  • 7

I purchased my townhouse in Beech Creek development Aberdeen, MD on 12/30/2013. This was a spec house so it was already done earlier that yr in the spring. During my pre-walk a few weeks before the closing my realtor discovered mold in the HVAC closet and coat closet. Rylands building rep. for the development told me that there was a recent freon leak and there are trying to schedule the HVAC... Read more

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  • Apr 05
  • Hampshire, Illinois
  • Bad Quality Construction
  • 1
  • 28

Lived in my house for less than 6 months and it's already falling apart!! Family room ceiling is collapsing along with kitchen floor. No one is returning my calls, e-mails. I had to complete multiple repairs on my own and pay out of my pocket. No one cares!! It is true, once you close on the house , you're on your own. Horrible costumer service . I had multiple service repairs scheduled, but no... Read more

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  • Mar 29
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Wrong House Finish
  • 2
  • 58

After being told we had to upgrade the exterior of the home because the houses to the left and right already picked what we wanted we drove by to see that our house was finished this week with the wrong color scheme and roofing tiles. The sales rep came out and has basically said she thinks that it is too late, "so sorry". While the issue is still not resolved I'm not holding out on hope, feel... Read more

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  • Mar 26
  • Goldenrod, Florida
  • Construction Services
  • 2
  • 62
Ryland Homes doesn't care about existing homes!

Ryland Homes is building a new subdivision behind me. I've had two major water leaks for the first time ever since they put a huge generator back there for the lift station they are building RIGHT behind my home. The vibrations from the generator shook my whole house. They dug a very deep hole for the lift station right against my fence. They told me they would replace my fence if there was any... Read more

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  • Mar 25
  • Broomfield, Colorado
  • Home Flooring
  • 56

I agree with most of the reviews here - once you close , you are basically all on your own. There is no service and no followup. I had a big issue with my flooring. They showed me a sample which I liked , but the floor they put in was very different from the sample. I tried to work with them for almost 2 months, but they kept bouncing me from one person to another and every response was a... Read more

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  • Jan 29
  • Medford, New York
  • Negligence
  • 1
  • 65

wife made two trips to their office , regarding a ranch style home.. she wanted to purchase. sales lady never sent the promised paperwork or returned any of our phone calls. I guess homes in the area are selling like hot cakes and they were looking to sell the larger homes but the customer service was inexcusable. We have credit scores over 800 and enough cash to purchase the home cash if... Read more

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  • Jan 01
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Home Repairs
  • 91

Bought new Remington in 1993, water leaks around front windows almost immediately. Ryland attempted many times to repair, but never got a handle on what was wrong. Entire roof was shot within 10 years and had to be replaced - although Ryland did pay for that. In 2012 the front walls of both the dining room and living room had to be replaced at our (and insurance) expense. Due to the poor... Read more

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  • Dec 26, 2013
  • Poor Building Quality
  • 3
  • 185

Since we signed our contract in May, 2013, we have had major concerns and issues throughout the entire design and build process. Frankly, it's been by far the worst experience we have ever had in building a new house, and this is our fourth time in this process. While we have had many concerns throughout the process, the absolute final straw was the fact that the appliances delivered on Friday... Read more

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  • Dec 03, 2013
  • San Francisco, California
  • Transfer
  • 1
  • 158

Knew better than to build with a them for another experience we saw personally. Shame on us for giving them a shot. Anyway, I was told to start preparing to be transferred, because my office in Orlando is downgrading do to government money and I cancelled our contract with Ryland. We submitted a respectful explanation to their VP and she said we can't have our money back even though they had not... Read more

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  • Oct 08, 2013
  • Customer Service Support
  • 1
  • 265

Integrity, integrity, is not a word that this company possess in their vocabulary, we handed over a $17,000 earnest deposit and 2 months prior to house completion, they informed us that our contract was cancelled due to non compliance on our part, due to not producing our mortgage commitment within the allotted 45 days, and they were keeping our deposit has damages caused! even though we were pre... Read more

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