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Rural King - sold me a car battery that died les than 6months

Company Rural King
Product / Service Rual King Automotive Battery
Location Van Nuys, California
Category Products
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we purchased abattery less than 6months ago-drive car only to work-and it started not turning over so we took it to utozone whosaid it was like ll the rest of their batterys junk.we returned it to rual king who basically said sorry bout ur luck butwe'll give u a discount on a new one...say huh?i don't evn think so whatever happened to standing behind products.now icant start the ob i just got because i have no way there but my purchase of r.k. junk paid the presidents dinner bill hope they choke on their batterys 2e2cd78

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Feb 21, 2012 
I've purchased several car batteries from rural king. Had to return one the same day. The other exploded in my face. It was under filled and its a sealed battery. I'm taking it back and leaving it in front of the store with buyer beware on it. They sell factory seconds. That's how they sell them at a discount. Walmart doesn't even do that. Rural king is no longer getting my bussiness.
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Apr 22, 2011 
Usually there is a reason for needing a battery to begin with. If the problem that caused the first battery to go bad wasn't corrected then the new battery won't last long. Batteries, although maintenence free allegedlly, still need to be kept clean of debris and corrosion.
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Jun 02, 2010 
It's disturbing that people in this country can't write a complete sentence. I'm not a perfect writer, but I don't even think a first grader would screw up the English this bad. I thought most people knew that batteries are pro-rated for replacement cost over a warranty period unless you buy the ones with the no cost replacement period (this is usually stated in big bold letters on the battery and the shelf as a selling point). I guess you would have to be able to read to figure out that "secret" code. From what I have read, most batteries are made by Delphi, Johnson Controls, or Exide. Chances are good that the "utozone" batteries are made in the same plant as the R.K. batteries with a different name stamped on them. The following is taken from Wilkepedia: "The majority of car batteries are created by 3 manufacturers - Delphi, Exide and Johnson Controls Industries. Delphi makes some EverStart models sold in Walmart and ACDelco. Johnson Control Industries makes Duralast seen in Autozone stores, Diehard - sold in Sears, Kirkland - the Costco brand, Motorcraft - which Ford sells, some of the EverStarts, and Interstate. Exide makes Exide batteries, Champion, Napa and even a % of the EverStart batteries.
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May 24, 2010 
Nice try Dan. In your first sentence, hey is a complete sentence with you understood as the subject. I'd should be written with a capital letter. Get your facts straight before you make fun of someone Dan. You only made yourself look ignorant. The last sentence also contains fragments.
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Mar 25, 2010 
I worked for this company in the automotive section while I attended college. The batteries are backed by a manufacture warranty. Most of the batteries are sold by Exide who provides the following: 24 month, 40 month, 60 month, and 72 month warranties. Rural King is a vendor for Exide, and honors the warranty of Exide. If you are unhappy with those batteries it is an issue with Exide....RK did not manufacture the battery numb nuts
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Mar 10, 2010  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
That's why you go to wal-mart and get a battery that has a 3 year free replacement warrenty. I've had them die anywhere from 6 months to all the way up to one or two days from being three years old and still get a free replacement. I hate wal-mart but I do like to batteries the warrenty on these batteries, and I buy a lot of batteries.
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Feb 22, 2010 
Battery consumers still have common law and statutory protection AS WELL as the individual warranties of retailers. I have also experienced, just today, dodgy practices of a battery retailer trying to hide behind their (own) limited warranty. I will name them on another posting if they refuse eventually to replace a battery that an auto electrician has diagnosed as faulty. What happened to the good old Australian "fair go" Secondly, as far as DAN goes, what sort of rude person are you? My diagnosis is that you are a pig. What gets you off you clown ??Dan all is not lost however you would make an excellent shonky battery salesman. Unbelievable pal!
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Dec 21, 2009 
I am a retailer who sells batteries. As far as I know all battery companies have an over the counter return policy for the first couple of months, then a pro rata exchange policy. That means you get credit for the remaining months of warranty on the old battery towards purchase of a new battery. That way you are only paying for the period of use you got from the original battery. It's standard practice. Sounds like Rural King was dealing fairly with you. Next time read the warranty before you start trashing the retailer,
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Dec 13, 2009  from Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand
I've bought plenty of batteries for our various cars. I've only had problems with one. I took it in and as the fine print says, it was prorated towards the price of a new battery. Every store has policies, as consumers we need to start reading what we are and ARE NOT entitled to. It sounds like the store followed their policy. Not only that but batteries are only as good as the cars we put them in. Did you think to check if you have a short in your car. I also think that taking it to a competitors store you are of course going to hear bad stuff about the other guys store.
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Oct 14, 2009 
Hey, first off i'd like to congratulate you on your third grade education. What you did to the English language in this article is nothing less than sickening. Otherwise *** happens inbred, deal with it.
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