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Roidstore - BuySteroids.com is a scam

Company Roidstore
Product / Service Anabolic Steroids
Location Bangkok, Krung Thep
Category Drug Stores and Drugs
Views 2957
Monetary Loss

BuySteroids.com is a scam

It seems that Brian Clapp, the owner of Steroid.com / BuySteroids.com / RoidStore.com (SCAM sites), has been misrepresenting his products and ingredients. The website buysteroids.com doesn't list ingredients and creates the illution that it sells anabolic steroids! it does not. BuySteroids.com is a TOTAL SCAM.

Well having been scammed by Brian Clapp and BuySteroids.com, I decided to investigate his company. Doing some reading, it seems he tries to go into legal battles with people via his enourmous money he earned by scamming people with Buysteroids.com and roidstore.com!

Let's go though the list of buysteroids.com SCAM products

please keep in mind this information is PUBLIC DOMAIN, it's right on his bottles! and the rest we found out on our own. We called up some manufacturers to find pricing for the same type of products. When you buy from buysteroids.com SCAMMERS you are paying for $100 vitamins!

When you buy from buysteroids.com scammers (owner Brian Clapp) you give Brian Clapp this type of a lifestyle, I got this from another forum (Scam.com - Buysteroids.com Scam) when I was researching the buysteroids.com scam

brian clapp scammer

BuySteroids.com is a scam , prices and ingredients: (public domain information + some of my own research)

buysteroids.com scam


Fenugreek Extract




Cost per unit: ~ $4 (about 3.50-4.00 USD as we were told wholesale pricing by manufacturer)
Sells for: $85

Deca 200 scam

Deca 200



Vitamin b6


Vitamin b12



Cost per bottle: ~ $5 (about 5-5.50 USD as we were told wholesale pricing by manufacturer)

Sells for: $100

Clen buysteroids.com


Octopamine HCL






Vitamin B12

Cost per bottle: ~ $5 (about 5-5.50 USD as we were told wholesale pricing by manufacturer)

Sells for: $70
Var 10

Var 10



5-methyl-7-methoxy isoflavone

Cissius Quadrangus


Vitamin b6

Cost per bottle: ~ $5 (about 5-5.50 USD as we were told wholesale pricing by manufacturer)Sells for: $85

Winn 50 scam
Winn 50




Vanadyl Sulphate

Vitamin b12


Cost per bottle: ~ $7 (about 7-7.50 USD as we were told wholesale pricing by manufacturer)

Sells for: $95

D-Anabol 25 scam

D-Anabol 25





Clary Sage

Cost per bottle: ~ $4 (about 4-4.50 USD as we were told wholesale pricing by manufacturer)

Sells for: $85 308b5ac

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Mar 05  from Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Quebec
I just received their Mass Stack with Deca, Tren, DBOL & Test. It made sense to me that they may not be real especially crossing the border but thought maybe these guys have something they are disguising the real deal with and the cost seemed on par with what could be the real deal. However after reviewing their site in great detail and after reading the many reviews in this forum, I went straight to my Credit Card company and disputed the transaction for what turned out to be $281 after currency exchange. They have remove the amount from my spending limit pending investigation. If they don't respond to the MasterCard dispute Dept then I win by default and the amount will not appear as owing on m y card. I can only imagine that they either a) don;t bother with the few credit card disputes they receive I.E. 1 in a hundred and ignore them which is good for me or b) they will be able to provide some BS in their terms and conditions that protect them. If its a fine line or grey area, I'll win simply because I spend thousands per month on this particular card and will threaten to cancel the card if they give me a hard time. I'll keep you posted with the outcome......maybe good news and I'll end up with 4 bottles of FREE vitamins LOL
Reply to Jixxer

Nov 10, 2013 
Man y'all are *** dumb lmao! Just one look at this site made me lol but you people said hey this place looks legit. Morons
Reply to Heckler

Aug 30, 2013  from Melbourne, Victoria
not steroids at all it says this on bottle, but in a way its scamming the few unfortunate people who dont know about steroids as much as they should. thyey actually bloat you up and make u feel bloated and sick. also steroids thailand keep away from them 2 cheers.
Reply to malaks

Jul 13, 2013  from Omaha, Nebraska
for the record if you sign up for forums.steroids.com you get a coupon for a free bottle from buysteroids.com up to $210
Reply to UrBoi

Jul 06, 2013  from London, England
been done with these cowboys too :-(
I lost $246 for nothing
I wish searched before handed to my credit card details
not happy @ all *** you brian
Reply to hate those cowboys

Jul 07, 2013 
Yep yep yep. People deserve to pay penalty taxes for being ridiculously dumb. I just went to the website and it was very clear on there that they are legal alternatives.
What part do you not understand?
Oh, I did read about refunds to, so maybe you should actually go read that because you have not lost $246 for nothing.
Reply to USA!USA!

Jul 24, 2013  from London, England
yes yes mr usa
I can read and speak english much better than you
thank you !!
after paying tax and non refundable posting to UK and posting back to usa top of that %15 re-stocking charge *** cowboys hate those *** scums
like most of dumb an americanos
you dumb *** yanks
Reply to hate those dumb ass yanks

Oct 31, 2012 
Hey guys im launching website, im located in south america and trying to get some clients for my products, no minimum order is needed and real gears. steroids2go.com
Reply to Laurent

Oct 26, 2012 
This *** is not real juice. They make that very clear! People who think it is are ***
Reply to Terry

Sep 16, 2012 
@Paul: It is entirely possible to get a product shipped to a country that does not allow that specific product to manufactured or sold there. FACT.

Don't be so quick to judge other people's ignorance.
Reply to David

Sep 04, 2012 
DO NOT buy from buysteroids.com! I wanted to purchase Clenbuterol from the website. They fail to mention that it is NOT Clenbuterol– it has NONE of the active ingredients. The “Clen” that they send is more of a vitamin blend and it cost $80. WHAT A RIP OFF! I want my money back but they made it clear they would only refund unopened products. What a waste. I’m so unhappy.
Reply to Sarah A.

Jul 07, 2013 
Did you actually call or just assume you wouldn't get money back. Cause if you look at the site, it tells you very clearly about refunds. Opened or not bottle refunds. And if you do call, they are very nice and will accomodate your request. But if you are an a-hole about it, then you deserve to be treated within the policy guidelines.
Clenbuterol by the way, is banned in a LOT of countries. You are dumb for not even knowing that and trying to buy it. That $80 should be a penalty tax for being dumb. :grin
Reply to Hate Dumb People

Aug 16, 2012 
I found this complaint around 4 months after I bought a few stacks from buysteroids.com and all I can say is that they work. I gained close to 18 pounds in that time and lost body fat. I don't care what anyone says, these products work. I know first hand. It seems like people on here complaining were thinking they were getting real juice. You guys are idiots if you think you were buying illegal steroids! It says they are not steroids on the website.

I give it 2 thumbs up and I have been using it
Reply to Danny Taylor

Jun 26, 2012 
#1. how is this company a scam if they are shipping you a product?

#2. why in the facking world would decca, tren ect ect come in pills..duh obviously its not juice.

#3. why the *** you bring up talks about wholesale, this is the mans facking business, thats how he makes money, its non of your business how much money he makes

#4 i can guarantee you everyone that's taking juice can naturally pump out more muscles but just dont know how to eat and lift
Reply to Adrian

Mar 25, 2012 
to the guy who lists wholesale pricing, welcome to the real world of business. Do you think the car you drive costs anywhere near what you paid for it, or any other product that you purchase. Its a known fact any product you buy on retail was made for pennies on the dollar your spent to purchase it. ALL I need to know is if the product works? The supplement market is a multi-billion a year business, and they didn't get there by not marking up product. Thanks
Reply to mike

Mar 12, 2012 
It's good that this scam site exists. It ensures that people who are too dumb or young to cycle are only taking vitamins instead of heavy *** that can do damage if not done right.
Reply to Jesus

Feb 05, 2012 
Tren 75 is fake durring half the cycle figured they were fake no muscle mass fake *** website
Reply to Rayvela

Feb 05, 2012 
I bought a tren75 bottle about a couple months ago i got no muscle gain that stuff is fake *** website scammers!
Reply to Raymond

Jan 10, 2012 
Is there anyway to cancel an order online? Help would be appreciated Thanks.
Reply to Thejaceman

Jan 09, 2012 
I first used these products because a friend of mine in the gym was gaining weight a lot faster than I had seen him in the past and told me that although they were not steroids, they were as close as you could get legally. I tried them and within 1 month, I gained 6 pounds. I had not gained even 2 pounds a month prior to using these products. Bottom line is these products work and they are legal. I will continue to use these and have already gotten most of my gym buddies on them and they are gaining well also.
Reply to stanley beckman

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roidstore is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!! go to your viamin store and get the same thing for way less!!! these...

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