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  • by   Mar 09, 2012
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Company Roca Labs
Product / Service No Surgery Gastric Bypass Formula
Location Gainesville, Florida
Category Weight Loss Programs
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I purchased a weight loss supplement from Roca Labs and it did not work for me. I would contact the "Support" and get no type of help whatsoever. You would think that a company that is selling an expensive product could hire better help.

Also, they won't talk to you on the phone after you order - once they take your money, you have to send an email for everything! Then, they are not replied to. BAD SERVICE!

I am extremely unsatisfied and there are plenty of other customers who feel the same way. Unfortunately, they are afraid to speak out because Roca Labs threatens to SUE people who tell the truth about their product! Be aware! 302dfbf

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2 hours ago  from Centennial, Colorado
I ordered this stuff without knowing what is said about it because my computer does not have sound. It came immediately, like 3 days without any extra shipping requests. It did not contain any instructions what so ever so that was frustrating because I had not heard how to use it. I called the phone number two different times and very shortly after someone called me back with helpful advice. I still have the mental problem of only eating when I am hungry and stopping when full. I had hoped this stuff would help me do that. I have only taken it for a couple of days so I do not know if the results will be helpful. I have since gained 3 more pounds. :sigh :cry :x
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Dec 31, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
YES Roca labs cause me to have a HERITAL HERINA, I put it in caps, so all can see, I see 3 doctors had several tests, and all showed the same, DO NOW TAKE ROCA LABS
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Dec 15, 2013 
i would like to try it,would you sell it ,in a more affordable price ,,,,thank you,you can reach me at my email amiraaziz99@yahoo.com
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Nov 24, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
Most people eat not because they are hungry but because of another emotion so this med wont work if you are an emotional eater, because you will eat whether you are hungry or not. 2nd of all if you want to try this method there is a homemade version , you can get the book on how to make it, its called the Xanthan Guar Gum Diet Recipe . I tried it, it tastes bad hard to swallow. The reason you get headaches with this stuff and the roca labs stuff is because it immediately dehydrates you, so the reason for drinking water is to stay hydrated and prevent the headaches. If anyone is interested I may can send you a copy of the book for free or you can buy it for like $10.00 on amazon or any book store. email me at keyesmarlyn@yahoo.com or go to http://www.amazon.com/Xanthan-Guar-Gum-Diet-Recipe-ebook/dp/B0089IB93M/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top/178-1306772-2408434#_
thanks and good luck and say nice things people!!
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Oct 13, 2013 
I believe if you really follow the rules and instructions down to the T, it should work.
Many of us do not want to work on losing weight but the truth of the matter is that you can expect for this product to work like magic and you don't do any work.
If you are committed it will work, you are suppose to exercise every single day about 30 minutes plus eat healthier.
Now, I haven't started the product yet but I will commit to it, its pricey but for that reason alone ITS GONNA WORK NO MATTER WHAT.
I do not like wasting my money down on something I don't believe in it.
But guys every body is different every system is different too.
I hope this helps
Once again I haven't even tried the product but I completely believe it will work for me at least.

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Oct 31, 2013 
Wait till you try to drink that horrible drink!!!! It made me throw up, and once I finally got it down, i had the worst headache I have ever had!!!! Not happy at all about this product! I want my money back!!!!
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Jul 10, 2013  from Sacramento, California
This is all so funny! I considered it until I read their terms and conditions! I completely think it's ridiculous that some company literally takes away out amendment right to freedom of speech! I was seriously like laughing on how *** that is! I'm sure this must be illegal! First of all no *** little online contract can legally hold someone liable on an amendment right. And second this is all a complete joke! I'm so shocked people are actually falling for it! Your so full caz your drinking water non-stop. I just couldn't trust a company that doesn't take any responsibility like literally at all of you read their terms and conditions.
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Jul 05, 2013  from Iowa City, Iowa
You do realize that a good majority of positive comments on pages like these are from people employed by or representing the company being complained about. You see it all the time... it is common practice for most companies with questionable practices or results. Look up any company that is being said to be a scam and you will see the same thing. Good luck.
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Mar 17, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
What are the ingredients in this product, anyone know?
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Mar 06, 2013 
I went thru the whole process of being approved! Paid the $1 fee to get a response! My *** mistake, I didn't do my research before inquring about this product! O havent received the product yet! For one my creditcard was declined! My bank is skeptical to approve it! Now that I have out all the negative feedback I've decided I am not going to get the product! I informed them I'm no longer interested! Informed them not to attempt to charge my feed
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Mar 06, 2013 
To complete my statement...
I told them not to attempt to charge my creditcard! They responded and told me cause I was approved I could not cancel and I needed to provide them with a creditcard that they could bill! Not in this life! U would think since the product hasn't been shipped they'd just let it go! Not the case! Too many negative complaints with the Better Business Bureau
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Feb 18, 2013 
I browsed through the website, played with calculators and was impressed. It seemed like a simple concept. I was a little disturbed because I could not find any negative info for it. I was all set to order but did not necessarily know which was which and what I needed to order. So I asked for help. Major red flag. Incompetence at its finest. (If you want to see the chat transcript, I have it in my e-mail). That was when it came screeching to a halt. I decided to dig deeper and am glad I did. Here's what I found out and can present the evidence if needed or requested:

***As much legal mumbo jumbo as they spew, in the terms and conditions they state that they are not medical personnel, though there is the option to talk to the doctor. Also, I highly recommend to read the terms and conditions, they are a hoot. I am wondering how they can legally forbid paying customers from reporting them to the BBB. Also, one of the ingredients listed was outlawed in the 1980's for side effects (including 1 death from complications). It can not be used as a diet aid, so it is therefore categorized as a supplement. Also, how many of you were as curious as I was when there was a video with a Dr. on it on their site? Dr. Ross F. Who goes by their first name anyway. If you listen carefully in one of the videos, he says his last name. Now I know why he goes by his first. His last name is Finesmith. Neurologist turned criminal turned consultant (since he no longer has his license).
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Jan 29, 2013  from Atlanta, Georgia
It is a scam... I have taken it and still feel hungry so I call consumer support for a refund and of course it cant be returned because its open. Save yourself the embarrassment
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Dec 27, 2012  from Ohio, Illinois
I used this for over a month my first week i lost 7 pnds! I was so happy. The first nite i was completely cleansed will just say. No pain. So the 2 nd week came and i fluctuated the whole time no more loss up til now. I am bk to my start.if not more. I noriced it didnt fill me up like in the beginning i tried but tge cravings were there... it had me at hello but idk wat happ... i dnt hav much product left i used one scoop a day an did wat it said to the best of my knowledge.
I did converse with the csr online they were very knowledgeable then when i wasnt having good results an negative comments they werent as talkative to me... this lawsuit thing is crazy. But to all the ppl who c the youtube reviews i was told that rocolabs has u make a video of success even if none an they will pay u half your order money back. Or they will send u more product half off. Idk im pissed cuz i tried so hard an it was great in beginning then just stopped idk wat to do at this point
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Dec 27, 2012  from Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Banay u r rite i tried to an got stuck... wth
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Nov 06, 2012 
Tish- because they are ripping people off and threatening a lawsuit for letting others know it doesn't work.
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Jun 04, 2012 
I agree..you have to work it like any other program. The idea is to change your habits an help you in the process.nothing is suppose to be easy..i wish you luck..
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Apr 18, 2012 
I use it and it works great for me. They also called me and responded to my emails.
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Mar 21, 2012 
Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. I've seen Youtube videos where people have tried the formula again and was successful after the second try. This worked for a friend of mine!
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Jul 22, 2013 
funny how a friend could use it and you side with them. How about real people speak out that did use it. These comments do help and it keeps people from spending hard yarned money on something that should be removed from the market. And shame on you for being dishonest also.

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