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Roadrunner Sports - Automatic VIP Club renewal without permission

  • by   Apr 09, 2011
  • Review #: 231497
Company Roadrunner
Product / Service Vip Club
Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Category Sport
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Roadrunner sports automatically renews your VIP membership for $24.99 the following year.I purchased shoes last year and joined to save the shipping.

I was surprised to see the renewal charge on my credit card bill this month. The info on the site currently says "The $1.99 price is a first year introductory special. Annually the Club renews at $24.99." It does not state that the renewal is AUTOMATIC.

I read through the link where it said I could 'read to my hearts content' about the program and can't find anything about automatic renewal.Check your credit card bills and bank accounts. 302771b

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Mar 24 
I called, Nolton argued with me for a bit because I had signed up online and he said that it said there that the renewal was automatic. I told him that I had signed up online according to the information provided by a person in the store who had not mentioned automatic renewal. He asked if he could help me with anything else, I said no, just the cancellation and refund. I asked for his name again since the connection wasn't super clear the first time. He told me and then hung up on me. Not super professional, but as long as he does what I requested (which it seemed like they get all the time) it's fine with me!
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Mar 21 
Just happened to us too! I discovered it this month only to find out it happened last year too! When I called them, they didn't even argue about reversing the charges (as I told them if they didn't I would fight through our credit card company to have charges reversed)! Unbelievable! Super shady and just wrong. They just lost our business forever. Such an unfortunate scam!
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Mar 05  from Plainfield, Illinois
I have to admit, this is the third year that I have paid the automatic Road Runner VIP club without my permission OR knowledge. How do you get a refund?!
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Feb 21  from San Diego, California
will be calling them in the morning...I definitely did not sign up for VIP they already charged me enough for the shoes FFS
Hey let's charge people a year later, make a little extra cash and have our employees deal with the angry customers that notice the charge and call a year later.
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Feb 21 
***actually my credit card already refunded it within 30 minutes of filing a quick claim online...they must recognize roadrunner 24.99 returns? lol
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Feb 10 
FYI, I ordered some shoes from them last year. Cancelled my VIP Subscription the day after ordering, and even got a confirmation email saying so.
Yet I still got a charge on my card a year later, this past November. called them up and they cancelled it.....but yes, this is clearly a shady practice. Too many other options to buy sneakers online to shop here again.
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Feb 03  from Rockledge, Florida
same thing just happened to me. Is there a phone # for roadrunner that we can call and cancel?
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Jan 10  from San Diego, California
Thank you all for all these comments. Here is my advice from my phone call today. The CSR won't go back further than a year at first. I had to tell her that I know they will refund me for at least 3 years. She put me on hold and then said she could do that. Good luck!
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Jan 08 
Just happened to me. I called and they were friendly but completely aware of what they are doing. I bet that they are taking their chances and many customers do not check so they make a lot of money with the auto renewal. Shady!!!
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Nov 26, 2013 
Me too. They obviously know because when you call 1-800-901-9207, the first thing the message says mentions the renewal fee.
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Oct 25, 2013 
I'm overseas and found a charge from theses people on my credit card! Plus the extra charge for currency conversion. Not happy as I have only used them once a year ago. Not sure how to contact them from Australia to cancel and get a refund??
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Oct 24, 2013 
Certainly would not have signed up for a loyalty program with a fee with a retailer that sells shoes. They do back it out and cancel the account in a quick and apoligetic manner...at least in my case.
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Oct 05, 2013  from Eugene, Oregon
Time for a Class Action against these crooks!
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Aug 19, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Same again for me. To add insult to injury RR was not able to supply a New Balance show with my fitting and I had to order directly from NB.
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Aug 19, 2013  from San Diego, California
I just noticed the $24.99 charge on my statement today. The sales person did not disclose this would be an automated annual charge. I called and they said I should see a credit for the charge in 3-5 days. They were helpful on the phone, but nevertheless, they will no longer have my business since their business practice is to ask forgiveness rather than permission.
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Aug 13, 2013  from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Same charge showed up today. Glad I spotted it right away as I only check every couple weeks. The phone number was included with the transaction. They reversed the charge without a problem. Last time I shop there, it is over priced anyway.
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Aug 06, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
thank you for creating this, I had noticed these charges a year ago and sent them an email. I receive an auto reply:

You'll be happy to know that the message with the following subject has been received by our experts:

Count on a response to your email within 2 hours, Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, PST.

I must have totally forgot about this because they never responded. I have disputed the charge with my CC company and even asked them the question how they can make this charge over 4 years. The credit card they have on file is expired. I'm baffled.

From reading these posts, seems I can contact them and get all these charges reversed. I've only shopped there once, and never will again.
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Jul 22, 2013  from Redmond, Washington
July 2013 --- got this BS charge. Luckily Bank of America Fraud Center picked up on this somehow and called me.
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Jul 14, 2013 
Just FYI, any time someone is signing up in store you can request that they cancel the auto renewal. They'll do it no problem! Some people actually love the autorenewal though because then they never have to worry about trying to shop and finding that their VIP has expired! It's convenient for some people, but I can see where it can be out of line. Goodluck everyone!
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