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Rent A Center - Rent-a-Center Sucks!!!

Company Rent A Center
Product / Service Recliner
Location Orlando, Florida
Category Furniture and Decor
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Rentacenter dosen't care about their customers loyalty and are unwilling to help a person out!!In trying to get an extension on my payment I had to repeat my story 10 different times to 10 different people because no one knew what the other was doing including management.

A message was left on my phone and relayed so fast it was unintelligable. They say they want your business and even after you've been a good loyal customer for over a year refuse to work with you in hard times. Come on people, everyone needs help sometime! After I paid off my washer I swore I would not go back.

Then they suckered me in with a supposed $100 credit. Big mistake on my part.

I've had continued issues with them for 2 or more years now.They will not get me again. 2e622c6

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Oct 05, 2011 
my Wife and I have been asking RAC for a final payout receipt for more than a bedroom set, Mac laptop, TV and Stand for more than three months now and keep getting the run around. We finally refused any further payments on our last items-Washer&Dryer-until we received a payout receipt, all of a sudden I am offerred a letter but still no receipt. I made my purchases at Conn's and financed them thru RAC, worse thing I could Have EVER done. I should have just bought it all out and bitten the bullet on spending the money all at once instead of spreading it over three 849.67 payments.
No one has answers or resolutions, but i get plenty of collection calls and threats.
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