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Redbox - Charged me for 2 movies I returned--$79.00

Company Redbox
Product / Service Redbox Movie Rental
Location Mesa, Arizona
Category Entertainment
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Monetary Loss
Update added by user Oct 31, 2013
*** means Bullshot ***
Update added by user Oct 31, 2013
UPDATE: I also tried to dispute the charges through my credit union (issuer of my debit card). Their suggestion was to contact Redbox Corporate. I did, and was told "I'll pass this information on to my manager." Two weeks have passed, and no phonecall or email from Redbox. I see I have TWO *** clicks. FYI, my Redbox experience is NOT ***.
Original review posted by user Sep 26, 2013

A couple years ago, we were renting movies from Redbox at a Walgreen's Drug Store kiosk in Mesa AZ.I ALWAYS return my movies promptly.

I am above 60 and quite responsible. Machine said successfully returned. About a month later, Redbox charged my debit card $79.00 and weeks later, I got a nastygram saying it was for 2 unreturned DVD movies. I tried calling the corporate office.

NO customer service person to talk to. I tried emailing them. I was never able to do anything toward getting a refund. And I KNOW I returned the 2 movies.

I felt cheated and bruised.

I have never went to Redbox again.I love me a Netflix and Amazon Prime and my ROKU box anyday over a DVD Redbox rental!! 2f20afb

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Mar 16  from Dallas, Texas
I had the same thing happen to me. Rented 2 movies on a Saturday evening. Returned then Sunday (the next day) around lunch time. About 3 or 4 weeks later I get a $74.69 charge from them on my card. Customer service pretty much just called me a liar. I'm not letting and have an attorney friend helping me. At this point I dont care what it costs it's about the principle of it. They will regret stealing from me
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Mar 26  from Mesa, Arizona
I can relate. I'm wishing you good luck I hope you win the case but dont spent too much of your money. ,)
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