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RCI Timeshare Points Program Failed Me

Company RCI Timeshare
Product / Service Rci Points
Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Category Hotels and Resorts
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I hate RCI. It is indeed a scam and every good thing that you are told at the initial presentation has an even higher price to pay.

In trying to use my points toward a flight, the website failed me. When I tried to use it the next day, flight prices had skyrocketed. I still booked my flight, which only used about half my available points. When I tried to book another flight, the website said I had 0 points, which was untrue. I am a RCI Platinum member and I own at a resort with 122,000 yearly points and have 61,000 points for use, and I only used 31,000. I called, waited about 20 minutes, and spoke to a rep who said he would have to transfer me to get the issue resolved. Waited another 10 minutes, and the line hung up on there end. Called back, waited another 20 minutes, and the representative said that the person assigned to my case was now GONE, and I will have to wait until tomorrow (when prices may have changed AGAIN) to get my issue of missing points resolved.

Nowhere on the website does it say anything about them putting a hold on the remaining points. The website also says that I am to conduct as many transactions as I would like.

I am absolutely outdone that I have to go through this much trouble for a program that I'm paying so much for. Stay as far away from RCI as possible. 2ee0c36

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Mar 31, 2012 
Wow surprising. My points work fine, usually when I use them toward something like a cruise or air it gives an additional discount. Prices for air can change all the time, people say bookign air mid week is best so it doesnt sound like the price change thing had anything to do with RCI. When calling, you always have to make sure you dial the right department or else you will be transferred about. For example calling RCI main line doesn't help if you have a question about points, the points department has their own phone number.

Maybe you just arent used to booking travel, I never had any problems.
Reply to blahblahgalscharleston

Mar 10, 2012 
I am so glad I cancelled my timeshare within the 7 day period. After reading so many negative reviews all over the internet, there is clearly an issue(s).
Reply to jojo6k

Feb 01, 2012 
Hi Crownr0yal, we regret to learn of the problem you encountered online with the RCI Points Partner process. Please be assured our technical staff is aware of this situation and is diligently working to correct it. In the meantime, we encourage you to contact our Member Services Department by phone to make vacation plans using your RCI Points at 1-877-968-7476.
Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. If there is anything further we can assist you with you can reach us at the number above or email talktous@rci.com.
-Kathleen M.
RCI Customer Care
Reply to Kathleen M, RCI

Jan 27, 2012 
I completely agree. I wish I had never gone on that tour in Vegas.
Reply to Jackson R.

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