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  • 133 complaints
  • $20,616 claimed losses
  • $155 average
  • 25926 since Nov 08, 2008

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QVC reviews, QVC complaints, read QVC reviews, find QVC reviews, QVC scam reports
  • 133 complaints
  • $20,616 claimed losses
  • $155 average
Had an experience with QVC?
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  • Apr 16
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Easy Pay Payment
  • 5

My boyfriend had ordered a PS4 from QVC on easy pay. The first months charge went through fine, but in the second month they took out the full remaining 300 dollars. This overdrew my boyfriends bank account. The bank only dropped one of the overdraft fees and said that QVC should refund the other two...NO! QVC is refusing to refund the overdraft fees even though they are the ones who messed up... Read more

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  • Apr 05
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Dell Laptop
  • 1
  • 16

I placed an order on March 15th and was due to recieve it 30 days later on April 14/15. It was for a Dell Laptop. On April 1st, I went into my online account just to check things and discovered my laptop had been placed on backorder. I was not notified or e-Mailed or called. I just happened to check and see it! So I call customer service go find out when I can expect the new delivery date to be... Read more

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  • Mar 18
  • West Chester, Pa
  • 21

My bank changed hands but I was told that the old routing number would still work. Its has on all my other accounts but not on QVC. I realized that Qvc had not taken my payment out of my checking account I called them. I was told it was a rounting nubmer issue. I gave them the new one and made a payment by phone. Customer service wavied my late charge.My next bill comes and I pay on line... Read more

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  • Mar 17
  • Henderson, Nevada
  • Sheet Set
  • 1
  • 35

The nightmare started 07/12, w/ 800 thread ct sheets cal- king(made in India) I didn't open them right away, but when I did, my housekeeper & a lifelong friend were here...they felt like really ruff sandpaper! We put them in the linen closet & said wash them before using. Dear GOD, there WERE 10's of thousands of bugs on them! Everything from bed-bugs to a horror show of freakish... Read more

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  • Feb 16
  • Merchandise Purchase
  • 2
  • 36

I found that I can buy the same merchandise online from other vendors or in the stores cheaper without the expensive S&H FEES and don't have the difficulty if I have to return the something, some companies care about their customers and future business NOT QVC, after all they have the overhead of paying the high priced pitch people and their plastic surgeries to try to stay young looking,... Read more

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  • Feb 14
  • Elmhurst, Illinois
  • Defective Computer
  • 1
  • 55

My husband bought a computer thru our debit bank account no problem new customer whatever. Computer was defective they took 2 payments and we returned the item now they have had it since feb 3rd no refund called them and b/c my name is associated with my husbands no kidding they suspended his account and are holding the money as for myself we have filed chapter 13 and qvc was part of it 300.00... Read more

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  • Jan 24
  • Dundee, Michigan
  • Macbook Air
  • 51

I ordered a MacBook Air for my daughter as a surprise for Christmas. On Christmas morning I had to tell her it wasn't here yet. She was disappointed but knew that it'd be coming. I called and asked what customer service what was going on. First of all, the lady tried to tell me that they called me and left me a message saying that it was going to be delayed, which was a lie, I have caller ID... Read more

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  • Jan 23
  • Lents, Oregon
  • Shipping Label
  • 2
  • 32

I placed an order with QVC on Dec 25th for a computer with a printer . I canceled the order the next day. All was well, NOT. They sent it to me anyway , well it was junk. So I called them for a return label. Nothing came. I took it to the post office and paid 34 dollars for shipping that back, plus 8 for insurance. QVC used to be a good company. Now I can't get ahold of any customer service... Read more

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  • Jan 05
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Mac Desktop
  • 43

For Christmas my mother ordered me a Mac desktop and wanted to surprise me about it Christmas morning. She ruined my surprise for me by telling me Christmas Eve that my gift wasn't going to get to the house on their "estimated delivery date" which was Christmas Eve so not to feel bad when I had nothing to open on Christmas morning (The desktop is all I wanted and ask for). It is now January 5th... Read more

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  • Dec 30, 2013
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 2
  • 92

I placed an order on Monday, December 16, 2013 that was intended to be a Christmas gift for my mother. When the order was placed, I called to see if I could expedite shipping. I was given an initial estimated delivery date for December 31st, and I desired it to arrive before the 25th. I was told that expedited shipping was not available for this item. No problem. I was willing to live with the... Read more

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