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Quicken Loans reviews, Quicken Loans complaints, read Quicken Loans reviews, find Quicken Loans reviews, Quicken Loans scam reports
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  • 288 complaints
  • $106,719 claimed losses
  • $371 average
  • 23802 since Jun 19, 2007

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Quicken Loans
Main address: 20555 Victor Parkway 48152 Livonia MI
(800) 251-9080, , help@quickenloans.com
Quicken Loans reviews, Quicken Loans complaints, read Quicken Loans reviews, find Quicken Loans reviews, Quicken Loans scam reports
  • 288 complaints
  • $106,719 claimed losses
  • $371 average
Had an experience with Quicken Loans?
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  • Mar 25
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Loan Application
  • 1
  • 15

3/24/14--I've just been burned by Quicken for $500. All the smooze in the world can't disguise the arbitrary actions of their underwriting dept in denying my loan app. I reside in my home for 325 days per year, but according to this outfit, that doesn't qualify it as my 'primary residence." Horsefeathers. And despite the mountain of supporting evidence I provided (bank statements, driver's... Read more

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  • Mar 18
  • Mortgage
  • 2
  • 37

I have my mortgage with quicken loans. They called me to refinance while I was at work. At first I told their agent that I didn't think it was time to refinance my home. He was persistent and I agreed for him run the numbers. When he called back with the numbers he said he could save me $50 a month and do a loan at no cost to me. He was not up front with me that he would be collecting a... Read more

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  • Mar 06
  • San Anselmo, California
  • Mortgage
  • 3
  • 35

Quicken Loans did not do what hey said they would and then did not return my deposit for a loan. Nick Castle in the corporate office is a lair. I could not get anybody higher up to complain. It took over 45 days just to find out what was holing up my loan. The whole underwriting team were idiots. The word is out, never deal with quicken loans. They have cheated me out of my hard earned money. I... Read more

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  • Jan 06
  • Mortgagae Refinance
  • 2
  • 67

They advertise that it doesn't matter if you owe more than your house is worth ... liars!!! Do NOT fall into their $400 trap. The appraiser they hired to appraise didn't spend 5 minutes at my house. He only measured the outside of the house and thats all besides pictures. I knew then that something was wrong and so did my boyfriend. He immediately said it was a scam. Most appraisals take at... Read more

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  • Dec 20, 2013
  • Mortgage
  • 2
  • 74

Our mortgage was sold to Quicken by our previous lender. We were not at all happy about it, having heard from a number of sources about the deceptive practices regularly used by this company. Unfortunately we had no choice in the matter. The transfer went through ok but we have been harassed relentlessly by Quicken reps trying to refinance us ever since. This has gone on for many months now,... Read more

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  • Dec 12, 2013
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Refinance Home
  • 4
  • 111

Under the law I have a right to know within 30 days of the date of my completed application whether my mortgage loan is approved. The lender (Quicken Loans) must make a reasonable effort to obtain all necessary information, such as credit reports and property appraisals. If my application is rejected, the QL must tell me in writing. I also have the right to learn the specific reason why I was... Read more

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  • Dec 09, 2013
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Loan Payment
  • 2
  • 45

We called Quicken to ask whether they know it is supposed to be automatic. They said yes. Why don't you put something like "Automatic withdrawal, don't pay" on your statement? Would save worry and 'phone time checking up. Also, why should I have to enter at least 100 words???????? Have you never heard the quote that "brevity is the soul of wit?" Also, with the paragraph before the first one... Read more

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  • Dec 04, 2013
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Mortgage
  • 2
  • 51

I was offered a refinance loan from Quicken loans via a phone call. I spent $5000 to close this loan and informed the loan officer I was doing this ONLY to get away from Green Tree servicing. Green Tree's customer support people are rude, love to yell and really only care about the money not the customer. Quicken just sold my mortgage to Green Tree Servicing! Quicken just does not listen to their... Read more

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  • Oct 14, 2013
  • Loan Information
  • 3
  • 90

I was mislead and told wrong information by the customer service rep from Quicken Loans........I was told I would not pay anything and that a good faith gesture was necessary and that it would not stay on my credit card. i did that expecting a new loan and they found a way to lower my appraisal so they can try and keep my money.........don't anyone be foolish and give them your cc #.......you... Read more

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  • Oct 12, 2013
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • 4
  • 110

We went through all of the hoops with Quicken. Supplied a FICO score of 800. Supplied income to support greater than 60% of the debt snapshot the credit reporting showed their underwriters. Have been denied a copy of the appraisal, which we paid for up front! But that can only show a value to provide an LTV ratio not less than 66%. But at the point of what should have been a routine approval,... Read more

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