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PushPlay movies on line - buyer beware!

Company PushPlay
Product / Service Movies On Line
Location Savannah, Georgia
Category Entertainment
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PushPlay's offer is enticing but be sure read the fine print about your "FREE" 5 day trial period.If you can find it...

Tons of links on their site that never really go to a movie that you can watch.

They ask you to give credit card information and say they won't charge you anything. However, if you don't cancel at the end of 5 days they will start automatically billing your credit card at $39.00 per month.

I was lucky and got out before they could do that.( They charged me a buck to cancel...) 30294d6

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Sep 30, 2013 
On 9/29/13 while searching the net for free information on Epic Nurse charting. I was directed to Lush Play for the free material. On the initial page I was asked for my credit card and the site stated in bold lettering "YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING" and that the reason they were asking for your credit card, was to verify who you are. After entering my information I went to the next page and there it was...I was given 4 membership options...one was a free 5 day trial....I did not choose any of the options given...I immediately exited the system....essentially I opted out choosing NO MEMBERSHIP! 12 hours later on 9/30/13 I noted a 1.00 charge from my bank account by Lush Play...I immediately called them and asked them what the charge was and Ebony at Lush play told me that the 1.00 charge was a pre approval charge for my membership...I said WHAT MEMBERSHIP? I DID NOT APPROVE A MEMBERSHIP!! I was then forced to cancel a membership that I did not approve! And it will take 24 hours for the 1.00 to be put back into my account! Lush Play must be a very terrible service if they have to LIE, STEAL, AND USE SUCH UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES!!! THEY WILL DEFINAELY, NEVER BE A REPUTABLE COMPANY!!!!!!!

Aug 30, 2013 
My 5 day free trial from push play was not 5 days! They charged my account for a premium membership, before the 5 day trial was up. I called to cancel the morning of the 5th day. The rep told me it would take 10 days for the transaction to be complete and the money in my account. Ten days would not be soon enough. Per my request, a supervisor took my call. I explained that I am disabled veteran on a fixed income and the money they took from my account (before 5 days) was going to put me in the red and my insurance would not get paid. There would be NSF fees from my bank plus other charges from creditors, and I practically begged to have them handle the transaction within 24 hours. I could not believe my ears when the supervisor raised her voice and spoke their blanket return caveat. I then began to ask her a question and as soon as she heard me speaking she repeated the refund caveat and hung up on me. I have never had a bad experience like this, ever. I never thought to check out reviews. Pushplay is a sham! don't even try the free trial. their movies are not what they advertise.
Reply to Ticked off veteran

Sep 30, 2013 
Dear Ticked off Veteran, I kind of fell for their *** myself. But after I had put my card in and went to the next page and saw the 4 program options...one being a free 5 day trial....I exited to system and chose not...essentially I opted out. 12 hours later on Monday morning I saw a charge from lush play for 1.00. I immediately called them and asked what the charge was for and they said it was a pre approval fee for my membership....I said what membership...I chose non of your programs and exited the system...I was forced to cancel a membership I did not approve. their site is a lie!!!!!! Obviously they must have a really terrible service if they have to lie, and steal from people!!!!! But the best thing a person can do is to have a preload type of credit card with only 10 dollars on it to use for such things like this on the internet. because if the money is not there...they can't steal it!! Good luck to you in the future.
Reply to Lauie

Aug 16, 2013  from Auckland, Auckland
Free trial...cost me a $1.00 cancellation cost me $1.00 Thieves!
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 12, 2013 
Thanks so much for the warning. I, too, had entered most of my info before checking this site, but was able to delete it and save myself headaches....
Reply to tapit

Jul 03, 2013 
I really appreciate it when people like you take the trouble to tell others of their bad experiences. I almost signed up for this service, then caught myself, and decided to check first. Your site and a few others came up. Thanks, guys! You've saved me a lot of heartache, not to mention hard=earned cash.
Reply to Once bitten

Apr 27, 2013 
I got this account thinking it was good. Then i looked at the comments and immediately wanted to deactivate, i couldn't find the deactivation button! So i tried calling and couldn't get ahold of a real person. Im scared there gonna charge me and i don't know how to cancel. Do any of you know how to? Befor they scam me like all of you. :sigh This sight sucks and i defiantly wouldn't recommend it to ANYONE!!! :( :( :( :(
Reply to scam_screw_this_site

Sep 30, 2013 
yes, site is actually called Lush Play...phone number is 1-877-171-3330 They try to hide this from everyone...hope this helps! :grin
Reply to Laurie

Dec 25, 2012  from Toronto, Ontario
I forgot i called the phone # on the website and hopefully got this s@#t cancelled . if not then im gonna b f in pissd ps reap more comments n u can kinda swear on this site, just not directly
Reply to jables again

Dec 25, 2012  from Toronto, Ontario
i had mine for about half an hour before i cancelled it. smug jerks got my 1 $ plus credit card #. i hope his doesnt bit me in the you know what.thank you for the heads up though :)
Reply to jables

Nov 17, 2012 
Thanks for the info!! Sounded too good to be true so I googled push play scam and was directed to this page!! Almost submitted my ccard info. Thanks for keeping us in the know about these scammers!! They should get a real job like the rest of us and stop stealing!!!!
Reply to Yolanda

Nov 16, 2012 
How do i unsubscribe from push play ? i cant find it anywhere the site is just a huge scam !!!
Reply to naomi

Sep 30, 2013 
less than a minute ago ..
yes, site is actually called Lush Play...phone number is 1-877-171-3330 They try to hide this from everyone...hope this helps! :grin Reply
Reply to Laurie

Nov 09, 2012 
The people who operate this site should be thrown in prison. I have no idea how I even created an account, but while backtracking on my bank account history, I noticed that I had been charged $35 for two months.

PEOPLE WHO SCAM OTHER PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY ONLINE SHOULD BE THROWN IN JAIL. End of story. I hope the creators of this website have sleep tremors every night and rot in *** knowing that they blindly steal other peoples money.
Reply to ABSOLUTE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 12, 2012 
Yeah, I signed up to try it and couldn't get anything in its entirety so I pushed cancel right away. Low and behold, I've gotten charged the 39.95 twice and I'm still fighting for a refund. I'm about to turn them in to B.B.B. or somewhere. I'm not giving up on my money and don't intend on it!!!!!!!
Reply to P.O's in NE

Sep 04, 2012 
I was charged almost $600, without using the service for many months. This site is a crime. How to stop the such a criminal company.
Reply to Michael

Aug 19, 2012 
I may have signed up, but didn't cancel. never used the service because it didn't work well. No reminder of cancellation requirement. I was out of the country and not checking my cc because I wasn't using it. Wound up with 6 billings, they say they will cancel three. Overpriced at best compared to netflix
Reply to rdtindsm

Jul 15, 2012 
when i tried to log in, i got a message that said "Your account has been deactivated." but still, i didn't receive any e mail confirmation...
Reply to lena c

Jul 15, 2012 
I also forgot to say that i never receive an e mail to confirm my account has been created... but i was connected for a moment, and since i log out, i can't log in....
Reply to Lena c

Jul 15, 2012 
i tried to cancel my account but i didn't receive any e mail to confirm it to me, however i can't log in anymore. does it mean i cancelled my account?

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