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Punkins Pack and Haul - Movers - i confirmed 4 times they never showed up

Monetary Loss

I called the company 3 times and sent an email.never heard back.

Finally I get Marcus who says the company is having problems in the office... he gives me his cell We book the move. I call 4 times the week before to confirm he confirms. No one shows up on moving day.

Marcus has the address but tells me no one is coming. His supervisor Jayden never calls me back.

This company is a company that needs to go out of business This is America service like this is the worst.I will continue to spread the word to never hire this company 304a686

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Dec 27, 2013 
no i had a confirmation and called several times for the confirmation- this will not be forgotten. Being hung up on, being told some one would be there and not showing up and not calling to even apologize... this is why Americans should pick other companies and give the work to those who want it and will provide even minimal service
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Dec 23, 2013 
You were told several times that the appointment you were considering was not available. I apologize we did not have the time you were looking for but we do have other valuable customers. Thank you for your consideration. Punkins Pack and Haul!
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