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Publishers Clearing House - You Will NEVER Win Money From PCH

  • by   Aug 11, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Advertisement
Location New York, New York
Category Advertisements and Cons
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You provide PCH with your name, address, phone number, your e-mail address and then you get bombarded with their advertisements, to buy this, buy that and you actually think that you will win one of the money prizes??? Ha - c'mon think
about it - PCH is in the business of making money - NOT giving it away - they want you to subscribe and don't forget all the info you provided - phone no , etc. Yes it does create fantasies of winning big bucks and many people get carried away with those dreams & fantasies of winning money -
but look at it realistically - they are not out to help you -
it's all about slick salesmanship....PCH is lower than a used car salesman......if you really think about it!!!! 2f065a8

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Dec 09, 2013  from Houston, Texas
the BIGGEST SCAM EVER - Ive been playing religiously for almost 30 years and the only thing I get is another entry every day/week/month.
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Dec 04, 2013 
bs i ve been playing for 20 yrs and have won nothing squat you must know someone there to win
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Sep 15, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
You are so "CORRECT".
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Aug 23, 2013 
So far, in the last two years, I've won $200.00 from PCH by using their search and win search engine. They sell things...It's their business, but people really do win money in their sweepstakes and by playing their games.
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