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Publishers Clearing House - upset dont like to be lied to

  • by   Jan 27, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Saint Louis, Missouri
Category Finances
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PCB lotto sent me an email telling me I won but when I called they said it was a scam I just wish they would give me the money they said I won.The funny part is I think the contest is rigged if you see the people who win it is only those who already have money plus in order to be put in the drawing you have to sign up.

So I believe that the contest should be honest and say hey if you wanna win you must have money first.Or prove to people its not rigged and let somebody poor like me win 2ffeeab

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Mar 02, 2013  from Cape Coral, Florida
Umm, last pch commercial I saw was a poor woman living in a run down looking home, not much bigger than a trailer... Just sayin'. Signing up was free for me. So I dont see what the issue is with that. :?
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