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Publishers Clearing House - storage containers

  • by   Sep 29, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Food Storage Set
Location Bedford, Indiana
Category Newspapers & Magazines
Views 22

I recently ordered storage containers & amp; the lids don't fit & seal.In my opinion they are pure junk.

If this is the kind of merchandise that you handle I will never order from you again. I expect a letter of apology & want someone to come pick up the box. I will never order from you again cause I feel you handle nothing but junk.

I will be waiting on my letter.I had best not be charged for the storage containers that I can not use.
Thank you for your time Bobby Grubb
Tupperware beats you 10-1 thank you again 2d4e575

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Nov 12, 2013  from Madison, Wisconsin
again don't buy anything from pch,its all outdated and they lie about being on sale,then they hit you with shipping that is the same price as theJUNKyou ordered,its junk all of it and nobody wins anything,going to call bbb on them and complain to them,they only want orders,and sometimes they throw away entrys with orders on them because there was a time when i foolishly ordered some books that i never got,now i was not billed,but thats because the entry never made it ,they are full of *** and totally unorganized... :zzz
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