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Publishers Clearing House - still no "O" in PCH BINGO

  • by   Apr 21, 2013
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Category Shopping
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I have gotten all the letters - even multiple letters in JACKPOT - BUT NO "O"!!!Week after week, I get all the other letters, BUT NO "O"!!!

Has anyone out there ever gotten an "O"??? Please contact me!!! I have been playing PCH BINGO for months, and have NEVER seen a"O". If I could at least see ONE "O"; even if I did not win the Jackpot.

How can you play week after week, and "NEVER" see an"O"???

The odds are in the thousands if not the millions.Can someone at PCH put some "O's" in the ***, so I can see at least one "O" before I die??? 2ebfecc

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Aug 12, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
there is never an " o " in pch instant bingo- so why play this ignominious game,the answer is " don't "
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Aug 07, 2013  from Joplin, Missouri
I have been playing long as i can remeber still no 0 also can't get in the game again too try to get a jackp-t.
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Aug 06, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Never seen an o myself
Reply to tony

Jul 24, 2013  from Mount Sterling, Illinois
I have been playing jackpot bingo since it started over two years ago, and I have only seen one O in all those times!! It came on a Saturday afternoon when all letters would expire at midnight. I have played every day since then and no O as all of you have stated. We all are wasting considerable time doing these games with only one chance in a billion of ever winning!
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Jul 22, 2013  from Houston, Texas
YOUR right NO( O ) I been playing every day for a yr or ? Never even come close to winning any of PCH games , oh sure I win tokens , I apply those tokens to something and guess what , Still Nothing, But the games are fun . maybe One day they will pick me for real

J.E in houston texas :p
Reply to mistysun

Jul 19, 2013  from Del Norte, Colorado
There most likely is no "O" that's how they keep you from winning. I am in the same position, playing the Bingo just for the heck of it and have never seen an "O" come up as an option. It's a scam.

Reply to Kaw

Jul 19, 2013 
i haven't gotten an "o" either, but someone has to win the money
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Jul 15, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
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Jul 14, 2013  from Johnston, Rhode Island
July 14,2013 I too have NEVER seen an O in Bingo. Everyone is Right. What is going on?.Why do We Keep Playing if we know we cannot win without the O. I am very disapponted in PCH. I THOUGHT IT WAS LEGIT?
Reply to carolflowers

Jul 11, 2013  from Palm Desert, California
I have been playing everyday for a few years and still have not seen an "O". Obviously it is not in the program. A scam...probably but we still keep playing!! :roll

Jun 24, 2013  from Red Creek, New York
I haven't seen an "o" either after months of playing. I think it's riged so nobody ever wins.
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Jun 08, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
same here no O
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Jun 08, 2013  from Delray Beach, Florida
For months now I only need a "O". Since October of 2012. The also blocked me from the "Search & Win".
Reply to JoanRazz

Aug 30, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
Yeh, they have a habit of blocking people. They blocked me from their blogs because I was posting evidence of them being sued and I had questioned them on certain things like what they did to Ron Cummings and other ***. The way around the block is to use a different computer and new name. It is the IP address that they actually block....
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May 22, 2013  from Reston, Virginia
gee i get the letter O often....but i need a T to win
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Apr 28, 2013  from Monterey Park, California
Me too, OOOOOO's there aren't any. Beginning to comprehend that PCH is a huge waste of time, seems utterly rigged!
Reply to SaMaca

Sep 11, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
They waste your time, that is for sure. According to the TOS, only 1x per year can someone hit the jack pot big, and only a couple of people can win the smaller amounts. Giveaways are like every other game, you are entered into a drawing should you win the game. Even their instant win games are set up like this. Everything is an entry to win. Here is their rigged rules in regards to bingo;
Prize/Value Giveaway
No. End Date Est. Odds of Winning
(2 @ $150.00; 2 @ $100.00; 10 @ $50.00) 4013 10/31/13 1 in 600,000
$150.00 3132 *11/1/13 1 in 50,400,000
$150.00 4017 *9/30/14 1 in 50,400,000
* Prize may be won and awarded prior to the end date. At our option, prize may be replenished to enable continuance of Giveaway. Refer to Section 4 for details.
You Have Not Yet Won. All Entries Have The Same Chance Of Winning. The winner has not been identified. We don't know who the winner is. If you enter our Sweepstakes, your entry will have the same chance to win as every other entry.
Enter For Free. You don't have to buy anything to enter. Just follow the instructions in the Official Rules.
Enter As Often As You Like. You don't have to wait for us to e-mail you an entry opportunity. You may submit additional entries simply by writing to us at: 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11053-4016. Each time you write to us you will be entered once into each ongoing
... Show more
Reply to DragonRI

Apr 25, 2013  from Providence, Rhode Island
I sent an email to PCH and specifically worded, "I need a straightforward answer and not an automated reply", after reading your post some weeks ago. Because I , too, have npticed no letter O has ever come out in this game. I should had saved the email they sent back and posted it. Anyway, the content of the email only confirmed what I have been telling people all along: PCH slots, bingo, lotto, instant win games, etc, all will have you playing them believing that at any instant you can win. But the fact is that a winner happens only once per game's period of time of promotion. So what does that really mean? Yes! They are selective of exactly when someone can win their games! Most of the games top prize winnings are awarded only once a year! In the case of bingo, they told me that I was correct inasmuch as the letter O is not made available until they are ready to make it available and that it will be made available only once per the game's promotional period. So you see, they will have you play all year long, leading you to think that you can win at any time when really you cannot. Another example: Slots is rigged...notice it says get all "bonus" filled and you will have a second round to win cash. It is near impossible to get all bonus filled and if and when you do,all it will do is give you the right to be entered into a drawing , once a year, against anyone else that has filled all the bonus slots. About tokens...what are they good for? Only the right to be entered into... Show more
Reply to DragonRI

May 03, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
Here is what PCH has to say about the letter O: Friday May 3 [Logout] Welcome dragonri

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Question - How do I win the PCHbingo Progressive Jackpot?
Answer -
Please be advised, as per our official rules; computer generated potential winning times will be randomly selected throughout the promotional periods and prizes will be randomly assigned to the winning times. If you are the first person to play at or after a winning time during a promotional period, you will receive the letter 'O', and provided you've collected all other letters in the word 'JACKPOT', you will win a cash prize.

The JACKPOT game on PCHInstantBingo will randomly award each letter in the word JACKPOT, except the letter 'O'. The letter 'O' will only be awarded if you are playing at or after a randomly pre selected winning time. If you win, you will receive a notification immediately with instructions on how to claim your prize.

For more information regarding this game, please visit our Sweepstakes Facts and Official Rules by clicking here.

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How do I clear the PCH
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May 06, 2013  from Eugene, Oregon
I, too, have been playing that BINGO game for months and still no O,, . a few days ago it was over $2300 and this morning it was just over $1000... doesn't that mean someone won? I have been entering the Publisher's Clearing House since the 1980's...... and these days, I feel that winning the sweepstakes may be easier than finding a job... but maybe finding a job is easier than getting that O
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