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Publishers Clearing House - Billing/Harrassment

  • by   Nov 21, 2011
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Billing Harrassment
Location Athens, Georgia
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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I have already filed one consumer complaint and going to file yet another!The other one was resolved over two months ago...I thought.

They even admitted it was! Now, today, I get a bill and a threatening letter for the Log Cabin Mag issue that has already been solved, PLUS...they're telling me yet again, that I have not paid for two MORE items. The $12 History Channel mag was mailed to them on 1 Nov 2011. In that same letter, I received a bill for a wall tap/switch.

I paid the History Channel $12.00 and told them I had never received this item. Therefore, I am not paying for it. 21 November I get a consolidated bill in ONE envelope for all three of these items. Then, a seperate letter arrives, same day, from another *** there telling me this has been turned over to him and to pay this!

And that's not all: They REPLICATED one of my old orders, Figi's Bridge MIX, and it arrived today as well! Since I have paid out of my pocket to return THREE damaged items and a package of 2 bottles with NO Super Glue, they are going to send me a return lable or we're about to go to court! I stopped entering/ordering nearly 3 months ago.

So...now we're replilcating my old orders in order to squeeze more money out of me!Next stop: Consumer Complaints, after that legal action! 2d5b672

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May 29, 2012 
Another problem I have
They say you can pay in four installments
Lets say you buy three items
each installment is $10.00 a month so that is $30.00 a month
Instead of putting $10.00 on each Item they apply teh entire $30.00 to one of the items and assess late charges on the other two.
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