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Publishers Clearing House - Publisher's Clearing House **dumb people**

  • by   Dec 11, 2008
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Company Publishers Clearing House
Product / Service Assorted Magazines
Location Wallingford, Connecticut
Category Newspapers & Magazines
Views 22
Monetary Loss

I ordered and paid for 3 magazines.I received 2.

I called them and they said the 3rd one would start in 6 months. Now I am getting a bill for the 3rd magazine. After calling Omar the chimpanzee, nothing happened except more past due letters. I called Helen the happless harlett, she said the problem would be fixed.

I'm still getting past due letters. My advice, order the magazines from their subscription departments, not Publisher's Clearing House. They are to big and you get lost in the shuffle.

signed, Frustrated in Connecticut trying to get help from some one smart.

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Nov 04, 2009 
I have been doing Publisher Clearing free games And for some reason I have had big problems With Viruses now I may have to change my e-mail address do to this help please.
Reply to Joyce Borski

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