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Publishers Clearing House - PCH sells junk items.

Company Publishers Clearing House
Category Newspapers & Magazines
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I have gotten several items from PCH and all of them are junk.These items are not worth the time to look at let alone the time to order them .

Example got the camping lights worthless i can get more light from a Bic lighter , the mini screwdriver set twisted off the first time i used it the knife sharpener worked for 1 knife .PCH im done with you . Does any onein your company even test the cheap made *** you sell?

Maybe you should stick to selling magizenes like you use to .your games are just a way to get people to buy the junk you sell. 2d69de8

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Jul 13, 2013  from Central Falls, Rhode Island
Indeed they do sell a lot of junk, cheap from china. A lot of items I have seen in my local dollar tree stores. They dont care tho, they are in the biz of affiliate marketing i.e. making huge profits via marketing items that retailers are trying to get rid of.
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May 04, 2013  from Macon, Georgia
Unfortunately, all they sell is junk. I think they could do better if they offered something worth buying.
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May 03, 2013  from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
I have ordered 2 mags and 2 other items from pch it has been 2 months now only to receive the bills not the items ordered. forgive me if im wrong but isn't the policy that they send items for u to try first before u buy. And one other thing ive been playing the games religiously every night never an O in bingo and never more than 3 bonuses on the spin games. tell me how does anyone win.
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